There are reasons the law requires drivers to not drink and driver. The primary reason is to ensure the safety of others. Drivers owe a duty to other drivers and the public to be responsible and act as a prudent driver. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the law. People are negligent and that negligence often causes harm to innocent people.

If you are victim of a drunk driver accident give us a call. We will make sure you get the treatment and compensation you deserve. We have represented numerous individuals in the same circumstances. We are successful in winning these types of cases for our clients.

Do not settle with the insurance company at the scene of the accident or even the next day when you are setting up your claim. The insurance company will offer you a settlement so that you do not hire an attorney. Do not accept it. Consult with an attorney first to see your options. There are reasons the insurance company does not want you to hire an attorney. It is because they know that, without an attorney, they can take advantage of the situation and settle for less than what you deserve. The insurance company is in the business of collecting premiums, their purpose is to try and collect money, not give it away. Keep this in mind when they make you an offer. They are looking out for themselves, not you. You look out for yourself by hiring an experienced laws firm who will fight on your behalf.