Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have increased freedom and access to transportation for thousands of people. It has also given thousands of people great earning opportunities. Unfortunately, the dark side of these service companies is that they lack the regulation that taxis and other professional driving services have. Some people even speculate that the growth of rideshare services has led to increased accidents and even fatalities.

When you get hurt in a rideshare crash, you can pursue compensation for your injuries. However, this can become complicated with pursuing claims through multiple insurance parties, determining liability for the claim, and negotiating with insurers representing large industries. Luckily, one of our dedicated car accident attorneys could help you navigate the process. We could help you with claims or lawsuits related to Uber and Lyft rideshare accidents in McAllen.

Causes of Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare drivers have no specialized training, making them vulnerable to the same issues as other passenger vehicle drivers. Plus, they may be driving in unfamiliar areas and under time pressure, leaving them more susceptible to crashes.

Some of the top causes of rideshare accidents are:

Of course, McAllen Uber and Lyft drivers are not always responsible for rideshare accidents. Other drivers can cause crashes, too. Determining negligence is the same in an accident, regardless of whether the person is a rideshare driver, which is something passengers should keep in mind if they’re in a crash.

Just like other car accidents, passengers should collect evidence after an accident. They need to get the driver’s license and insurance information from all drivers, take photos at the scene, and collect contact information from police to get accident reports. Many rideshare passengers do not realize that they should take those steps. Fortunately, an attorney could help with investigations.

Third-Party Liability

In addition to the Uber or Lyft drivers, the McAllen rideshare company may be financially responsible for the accident. When drivers are working for a rideshare company, they are covered by the company’s insurance and their insurance policies. However, they must be connected to the app and looking for work on their way to pick up a passenger or transport a passenger. In other words, they need to be on duty for the rideshares insurance policy to take effect.

Additionally, rideshare companies’ insurance policies cover injuries caused by negligence by their drivers. If another driver is responsible for the accident, the rideshare company’s insurance will not cover the injuries. Instead, the passenger will need to seek compensation from the responsible party or their insurer.

Accidents with Rideshare Drivers

In addition to Uber or Lyft passengers, other McAllen drivers may be able to recover from rideshare drivers or their companies for an accident, depending on liability. Texas is a modified comparative negligence state that observes the 51 percent rule. As long as a person is not more than 51 percent responsible for their injuries, they can recover from those who acted negligently.

Even if another driver shares responsibility for an accident, they can recover from a rideshare driver. If the driver is on duty, they may also be able to recover from the rideshare company’s insurer. While rideshare companies may try to deny that the driver was on duty at the time of an impact, their apps make proving that they were on duty relatively easy for an attorney who handles rideshare accidents.

Contact a McAllen Attorney to Learn More About Rideshare Crashes

Getting compensation can be complicated when you have been injured in a rideshare accident. You may have to deal with multiple insurance companies and struggle with determining liability. Meanwhile, you are facing the physical, financial, and emotional struggles that come with any accident that results in injuries.

You do not have to handle this alone. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer who handles Uber and Lyft rideshare accidents in McAllen. They can explain how attorneys can help you navigate these complex claims.