While buses offer an efficient and quick way to get around town, the presence of these vehicles on the road threatens the well-being of other drivers, pedestrians, and even passengers on the buses themselves. Their huge size, slowness to stop in an emergency, and lack of seatbelts for passengers all contribute to an increased rate of bus accidents and the severity of injuries after collisions.

Any person who suffers harm in a collision caused by a negligent bus driver has the right to pursue compensation for their measurable losses. Let a local personal injury attorney help you prove that a bus driver caused an otherwise preventable collision and demonstrate the extent of your injuries. Reach out to a Houston bus accident lawyer for the assistance and representation you need to succeed in your case.

Bus Drivers’ Obligation to Protect Others

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle obligates a driver to protect every other person they may encounter while driving. Buses carry multiple passengers, are larger than passenger cars, and may be owned by a government entity or private company. These factors combine to hold bus drivers and their employers to higher standards that drivers of regular vehicles. Anyone injured because of a bus driver’s poor decisions has the right to demand compensation.

People outside of the Bus

Public transit vehicle collisions can cause serious injuries to people not riding the bus in the event of a collision. Drivers and passengers in other vehicles, as well as pedestrians and cyclists, may endure harsh physical injuries such as broken bones, separated joints, severe head trauma, and spinal injuries. These parties may collect comprehensive compensation as long as they can show that a bus driver acted negligently and thereby caused an otherwise avoidable accident.

Bus Passengers

People in other vehicles may not be the only victims of negligent bus driving. Bus passengers also have rights under the law when they suffer injuries as a result of bus driver’s negligence or due to a lack of seatbelts or being required to stand. For example, sudden stops may cause them to endure concussions, whiplash, or severe bruises. As the payers of fares, bus operators have an obligation to protect them from harm. Any person who has suffered an injury because of a bus driver’s actions or inaction should reach out to a Houston bus accident attorney today.

Seeking Fair Compensation within the Applicable Time Limit

Every bus accident case must fully evaluate the impact of the collision on a person’s life. This includes physical injuries, emotional trauma, and lost income.

Regardless of the severity of a physical injury, bus drivers and their employers must provide payments to cover the full cost of all medical care, mental health services, and missed wages. This can include past and future treatment and income. A lawyer would work to obtain all relevant medical bills and employment records needed to prove the scope of a bus accident victim’s losses.

Furthermore, individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), nightmares, or other mental health concerns after a public transit vehicle accident can also seek compensation for these reductions in their quality of life. Additionally, if an incident leaves a person unable to return to work, defendants must provide reimbursement for all missing wages.

No matter how severe a bus accident may be, there is a limited time to seek out payments. Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003 sets a filing deadline of two years for most people to file a civil lawsuit for damages. However, if the bus’s owner is a municipal body, the time to report the incident may be much shorter. Speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible helps them provide effective representation during a Houston bus crash case.

Reach Out to a Houston Bus Accident Attorney Today

Bus accidents can result in some of the most severe injuries that travelers may endure. Not only can public transit vehicle collisions cause severe physical losses, but they can also impact your mental health and ability to support your family.

A Houston bus accident lawyer could help you collect the compensation you need to set things right. Let our team fight to obtain information about the incident, prove a negligent bus driver’s liability, and demand appropriate compensation on your behalf. Contact us now to learn more about what we can do for you.