All manufacturers of consumer products have a duty under the law to produce items that do not pose an undue threat of harm to customers. Unfortunately, errors in the manufacturing process can cause dangerous items to enter the market. If you have suffered an injury or illness after using a defective product, you may be entitled to substantial compensation for your losses.

A well-versed Houston defective products lawyer is ready to fight for you in a strong personal injury claim. A trusted member of our team could explain the state’s product liability laws, investigate and document the incident, and demand that the manufacturers of unsafe products provide full compensation for your damages.

Products With Design or Manufacturing Errors

Many dangerous products become defective as a result of design errors. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §82.005, injured individuals must be able to prove that:

  • A design defect resulted in a product being unsafe;
  • A safer, alternative design was available which would have prevented this injury; and
  • This alternative design was economically viable at the time of design.

Other times, an item becomes defective due to an error made during production resulting from the manufacturer’s oversight or intentional concealment. In either case, the manufacturer may be liable for all resulting damages. An experienced attorney serving the Houston area could help claimants in product liability cases prove their claims and win compensation from unscrupulous manufacturers.

Responsibilities Associated With Using Inherently Dangerous Products

Not every injury that results from using a product entitles a person to compensation. In fact, TX Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §82.004 specifically states that if a person uses a product deemed to be “inherently unsafe,” they cannot hold the manufacturer liable for reasonably foreseeable injuries.

Fireworks are a common example of inherently dangerous products. Furthermore, the same statute prohibits product liability cases involving personal consumption products, such as alcohol, tobacco, or sugar. As a result, this statute exempts many product manufacturers from civil lawsuits alleging injuries and damages due to defective consumer goods. A dedicated Houston lawyer would examine every aspect of a defective products case to determine whether the concept of inherent danger may be a barrier to success and work to compile evidence of manufacturer liability.

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Injuries that result from using unsafe products as directed are unfortunately common in and around Houston. Even if you use a product for its intended purpose and as directed, design defects or manufacturing errors could result in severe losses. Under state law, the product’s manufacturer may be liable for those losses if they allow these defects to occur.

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