You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Always ask for an attorney before answering any questions asked by law enforcement. Always ask if you are being detained and whether you are free to go. If you are free to go, leave and contact an attorney. Be sure you are not being detained and that you have permission to leave, as leaving the scene without permission can lead to more serious charges. If you are being detained, ask to speak to your attorney immediately. Answer any questions only with the advice and consent of your attorney.

If you are arrested, depending on the crime, you will likely be given bail. Once you make bond, you will be given a date to return to Court. Consult with a Houston criminal defense lawyer before your next setting. Our firm handles a wide array of criminal charges. We have represented individuals accused of DWI, theft, assault, aggravated robbery, possession of a controlled substance, and more. Give us a call to discuss your case and how we can help you.