You pay premiums in exchange for a promise. That promise usually includes paying for damages that are covered under your policy in the event of an accident. The types of cases we usually see are when insurance companies refuse to keep their end of the bargain. It’s not fair for you to pay your premiums only for the insurance company to try to avoid paying their end. Insurance companies are in the business of collecting money, and they do not like giving it back. They try to find loopholes and reasons in your contract to keep them from paying out. We know their tricks and refuse to let them get away with it.

Whether you are dealing with an unpaid storm claim, homeowners insurance claim, life insurance claim, or any other claim in which you pay premiums, give our firm a call. Our Houston insurance claim lawyers will review your policy free of charge and help you get what you deserve. Insurance companies should act in good faith regarding settling your claim. However, there are a lot of adjusters out there who act in bad faith and do not look out for your best interest.