Catastrophic injuries are the most severe types of personal injuries and are often permanent. Whatever the injury, it’s important to make sure you get the treatment you need, and you shouldn’t have to worry about how you will pay for it.

Often, catastrophic injuries take a while to cure and treat. Sometimes, they might never fully heal. While this sounds intimidating, we will be standing by you every step of the way. It’s tough enough dealing with the injury, there is no need to add to it by stressing over how the bills will be paid. We will cover that part for you so you can focus on getting better.

If a company or person was responsible for your or your loved one’s catastrophic injury, they can be held liable for the resulting damages. A demand for compensation must take both present and future losses into account in the case of catastrophic injuries.

A Houston catastrophic injury lawyer is ready to pursue your compensation from liable parties on your behalf. We strive to bring you the payments you deserve with minimal disruption to your or your loved one’s life.

Common Examples of Catastrophic Injuries and their Causes

Catastrophic injuries vary and cover a wide array of impairments. These types of injuries include:

Catastrophic injuries can occur at almost any time. Common sources of catastrophic injuries include

A well-versed catastrophic injury attorney in Houston could help individuals better understand these losses and connect them to another party’s negligence.

When is Another Party Liable for a Catastrophic Injury?

While proving the extent of a person’s injuries is an important part of any catastrophic injury claim, it is also necessary to demonstrate fault for an accident. Specifically, the law requires a catastrophically injured person and their attorney to prove that another party was responsible for the accident that caused their losses.

A Houston catastrophic injury attorney would work to obtain evidence such as police reports, medical records, camera footage and photos, witness reports, and accident reconstruction data to show that another party was entirely to blame for an incident.

This is especially important because Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 33.001 requires local civil courts to evaluate the actions of all parties involved and assign blame individually, if applicable. The law also states that a claimant who is found partially liable for their own catastrophic injures will see their compensatory award reduced in proportion to their assigned percentage of fault.

Defendants and their legal counsel often try to attribute a portion of the blame to the injured victim in order to reduce the amount of compensation they owe. When the percentage of partial liability on the injured person’s part rises to 50 or more, the court will not award any damages. It is therefore crucial to work with a Houston lawyer who could help limit the impact of comparative fault in a catastrophic injury case.

Reach Out to a Houston Catastrophic Injury Attorney Immediately

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