Every accident has the potential cause serious injuries and even death in some circumstances. Among the most severe injuries someone can suffer in an accident are those that impact the brain. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can take many forms, ranging from concussions to cognitive disabilities.

If another person or company was responsible for causing or contributing to a traumatic brain injury, they may be required under the law to provide fair compensation for resulting medical bills, lost quality of life, and lost wages or earnings.

A Houston traumatic brain injury lawyer is dedicated to winning full compensation on your behalf to help ease the financial burden that comes with a TBI. Let our catastrophic injury attorneys work by your side to prove fault for an accident, measure how the event has affected your or your loved one’s life, and demand that all liable parties pay their fair share.

What Makes Traumatic Brain Injuries so Serious?

When the brain collides with the walls of the skull from a direct and sudden impact, the results can be catastrophic and debilitating. Severe head trauma can cause bruising of the brain, internal bleeding, migraine headaches, nausea, and cognitive disabilities. In many cases, TBIs require quick medical intervention to limit any long-term damage. Unfortunately, many traumatic brain injuries go untreated due to minor symptoms in the beginning which worsen and lead to permanent cognitive loss.

A Houston attorney recognizes the immense impact that traumatic brain injuries have on people’s lives and would work diligently to measure the ways in which a TBI has changed an individual and their family’s past, present, and future. Demands for compensation should seek reimbursement of medical care, changes in a person’s quality of life, and all lost income. Hiring an attorney could increase a TBI victim’s chances of receiving full compensation.

Building a Case against At-Fault Parties

While there is no doubt that many TBIs are life-altering, it is still necessary to prove that another party was responsible for the accident that resulted in otherwise avoidable brain damage. The way a person must go about proving liability will depend on the circumstances leading up to their traumatic brain injury.

For example, if the brain injury was the result of a slip and fall accidents on someone else’s property, it is necessary to show that the injured individual had permission to be on the premises and that the landowner failed to take proper steps to protect guests from injury. On the other hand, if a TBI resulted from an auto accident, the injured party and their legal counsel would need to establish that the driver failed to fulfil a duty of care to avoid foreseeable harm. Other types of accidents often require different types of evidence, making it advantageous to work with a local attorney who is familiar with each type of case and what might be needed to prove fault for a particular traumatic brain injury.

Furthermore, speaking with a Houston TBI lawyer could help ensure that a case is filed on time. Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003 imposes a filing deadline of two years following an injury. This deadline has few exceptions, so it is best to ask a lawyer about what the deadline to file might be in a specific case.

Talk to a Houston Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney at Our Firm

Anyone who causes someone to suffer a traumatic brain injury out of negligence should be held accountable for that person’s losses. A comprehensive demand package for a TBI might seek payments for past and future medical care, rehabilitative care, emotional trauma, and past and future lost wages. Still, the burden lies on you to prove fault for the accident that resulted in your or your loved one’s brain injury.

A Houston traumatic brain injury lawyer is ready to help you prove fault for a TBI as well as how such an injury has impacted your family’s life. Let us help you demand the payments needed to set things right. The sooner you give us a call, the quicker we are able to help.