Drivers in Katy and throughout the rest of the state have a duty to protect others traveling on the road, including motorcyclists. Although there is an inherent risk involved in riding a motorcycle, negligent drivers are still required to compensate anyone who they injure while behind the wheel.

A Katy motorcycle accident lawyer could help you pursue the compensation you need to pay for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. A personal injury representative could assist you in proving that another driver was to blame for the incident, measure how the crash has impacted your life, and demand appropriate payments through insurance settlements and civil lawsuits.

When is a Driver Responsible for a Crash Involving a Motorcycle?

A common concept under the law states that a party is to blame for any vehicle collision that happens on Katy’s roads. Even with this concept in mind, the law never presumes fault for a crash. Instead, an injured plaintiff must prove that another party was responsible for a wreck.

In some cases, a driver may have received a ticket for a violation of a traffic law leading up to an incident. If a ticket results in a conviction, it could be used as evidence of fault in a civil demand for compensation.

Even if a driver did not receive a ticket, it is still possible to prove liability for a crash. However, this often means determining if a claimant bears any fault for a collision. According to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 33.001, a defendant may argue that a plaintiff is partially responsible for an incident. This could reduce or eliminate the compensation that a court might award an injured person in a lawsuit. However, a seasoned attorney in Katy could help a claimant gather valuable evidence to prove that another party was responsible for a motorbike crash.

How to Seek Fair Compensation After a Motorcycle Wreck

Anyone who can prove that another driver was to blame for a crash can collect full compensation for their losses. However, an injured victim must still demonstrate how a collision has impacted their lives.

Often, proving negligence may require a claimant to disclose the extent of their physical injuries that resulted from a crash. Any traffic collision involving a motorcycle can inflict serious injuries on riders, including broken bones, separated joints, road rash, and brain injuries. A demand for compensation should seek out the payments needed to cover all relevant medical and future healthcare costs.

In some cases, a severe accident can cause a person to suffer other kinds of losses, including lost wages, emotional damage, and a reduced quality of life. An attorney in Katy could determine the monetary value an injured person should receive for their injuries and losses and build a strong case to demand compensation.

Contact a Katy Motorcycle Accident Attorney Now

Motorcycle collisions are serious events that could force you to make major changes in your daily activities. Often, this includes seeking out medical care to treat your physical injuries and other emotional damages.

A Katy motorcycle accident lawyer could help you collect payments to help cover your injury expenses. A legal team member could work to prove that another traveler was responsible for a collision and explain how the event has changed your life. Speak with an attorney now to schedule a consultation.