A paralysis diagnosis can be confusing and overwhelming. You might have many questions. You probably want to know if or when you will get better, how much of your body is affected, and how much your life will change due to your injury. When someone else’s actions lead to your paralysis, you probably also want to know if there is anything you can do to hold them accountable.

While a McAllen paralysis injury lawyer cannot make predictions about your future medical condition, they might be able to help you pursue justice against the person or business responsible for harming you. In addition, you could use the compensation from your personal injury suit to gain access to the best medical care and assistance. Contact a well-practiced catastrophic injury attorney today to learn more about how taking legal action could be in your best interests.

Understanding a Paralysis Diagnosis

Paralysis occurs when a person cannot voluntarily control, move, or feel all or a part of their body. A paralysis diagnosis is almost always life-altering and can be permanent.

Although some people become paralyzed due to hereditary or genetic disorders or sudden medical conditions like strokes, most become paralyzed from spinal cord injuries. The location and severity of the trauma to the spine usually determine the degree of paralysis. People who sustain severe trauma to their upper spine can experience quadriplegia, which causes paralysis in all four limbs and their torso. If the trauma occurs below the neck, the affected person might retain movement in their upper body but experience paralysis in their lower torso and legs.

In addition to limiting mobility, paralysis can impair bodily functions, such as bowel and bladder control and breathing. Some paralysis survivors need respirators to help them breathe.

With immediate high-quality medical care, aggressive therapy, and hard work, some people can fully recover or at least regain some limited mobility. However, many people face lifelong impairments.

A dedicated McAllen injury lawyer could help a paralysis survivor fight back by holding the parties responsible legally accountable.

Potential Damages in a McAllen Paralysis Claim

As a catastrophic injury, paralysis results in significant impairments that require many lifestyle changes. For example, many paralysis survivors need to renovate their homes to make them more accessible for wheelchairs and other assistive devices. People with paralysis also often need help with everyday tasks, such as preparing food, getting dressed, and even tending to their personal hygiene. In addition, to prevent their muscles from atrophying and to regain some mobility, paralysis survivors must keep up with a grueling physical therapy routine. The ongoing medical and personal care treatments can be costly, so seeking legal assistance is critical.

A proactive lawyer could help a paralysis survivor pursue the following types of compensation in a comprehensive damages award:

  • Medical costs for physical injuries, including hospital and doctors visits, rehabilitation, physical therapy, home nursing care, or nursing home
  • Costs of emotional therapy for counseling
  • Modifications to a home or car
  • Costs of assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, or respirators
  • Lost wages and anticipated future lost earnings if the injury prevents the affected person from earning a living
  • Pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other intangible losses

Seasoned McAllen paralysis injury attorneys understand how to estimate the value of a paralysis survivor’s losses to pursue a fair judgment.

Fight Back with a McAllen Paralysis Injury Attorney

After a paralysis injury, you face a long and challenging road to recovery. You will need access to the best medical care to give yourself the best chance to recover.

A McAllen paralysis injury lawyer understands that getting fair compensation after a paralysis injury can involve a complicated legal battle. Our committed legal team is prepared to investigate, negotiate, and fight for you. Call today to get started.