Filing a Claim for Airbag Injuries

Although airbags aim to protect drivers and passengers in the event of a car crash, they can sometimes cause more harm than good. Airbags, when functioning properly, should prevent a person’s face and body from hitting the steering wheel. However, the airbag is forceful and could accidentally lead to a facial injury.

In other cases, the airbag might not deploy, causing the driver or passenger to suffer injuries from hitting the steering wheel or dashboard. Some examples of potential injuries include a broken nose, concussion, dislocated jaw, or fractured ribs. Airbags can also release chemicals that are potentially harmful to human skin. In extreme cases, improper use of airbags can even lead to severe injury or death. Our firm could help you determine if filing a claim for airbag injuries is the best option for you.

Assessing Liability After an Airbag Injury

The behavior of the driver, the manufacturing and maintenance activities that preceded the incident, and the defects in the airbag determine liability in an airbag injury case.


The vehicle driver may be liable if they were not wearing a seatbelt or engaging in other behaviors that negatively impacted their driving. When the airbag deploys correctly, the driver is more likely to be liable.


The manufacturer of the vehicle could be responsible if there was an improper installation or inspection of the airbag before they sold the car, the airbag deployed at the wrong time, failed to deploy, or the airbag released chemicals or car parts onto the driver or passengers.


A maintenance crew that worked on the car could be liable if they were careless when working on the vehicle, which led to defective airbags and injury.

Airbag Injury Prevention

A direct way to reduce your risk of airbag injury and liability in the case of injury is always to wear a seatbelt. A seatbelt is the first line of defense preventing you from getting hit by the airbag. Also, sitting further back from the steering wheel or dashboard creates a safer distance, giving the airbag more space to deploy.

Reach Out About Filing a Claim for Airbag Injuries

When you are the victim of an airbag injury, you can file a claim and pursue compensation for your injuries. Even if your negligence led to the crash that caused the airbag to deploy, you could still earn compensation for harm caused by the defective airbag. KGS Law Group values your health above everything and will fight to get you the care you require for your injuries. Call us for a free consultation today.