Paralysis can be devastating to a person’s life, no matter the cause. When a person loses their ability to move from an accident, they must reinvent their life and deal with the medical, mental, and emotional costs, which can be monumental. Thankfully, there is a way to recover compensation to financially cover these costs and bring you some relief.

A lawyer familiar with causes of paralysis in Houston could help get damages for your injuries, allowing you to pay for the medical bills, lost wages, and property damage that result, as well as get compensation for things like pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and mental anguish. When you face this challenge as a result of injuries from medical malpractice, work, or someone else’s negligence, know that you do not have to navigate this alone. Call one of our experienced paralysis injury attorneys today, to discuss how we might assist with your case.

Common Causes of Paralysis

Events causing paralysis can happen anywhere, but some of the most common are those involving the following:

No matter the cause, a Houston paralysis attorney could help an injured person pursue compensation for damages. They could take a medical malpractice, personal injury, or other claim to court, negotiate a payout with the insurance companies, or investigate the accident to determine which parties are liable.

Relevant State Laws Pertaining to Paralysis Cases

Medical malpractice cases are governed by Texas Health and Safety Code § 74.151, which outlines the requirements for filing a case and establishing negligence on behalf of the medical provider. Furthermore, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 establishes a two-year statute of limitations, giving plaintiffs two years from the date of injury to file, in most cases.

Additionally, T.C.P.R.C. § 33.001 establishes a 51% Bar Rule, or modified comparative negligence, which allows a plaintiff to recover damages only if they were no more than half at fault in the accident, with their compensation to be reduced by an equivalent percentage. While this opens the door for more plaintiffs to recover, it also incentivizes defense attorneys and insurance representatives to try and pin the blame on the victim in paralysis cases – something an attorney in Houston could deal with on a client’s behalf by examining the causes.

What Is Covered?

When an accident in Houston causes paralysis, there are many potential costs. Medical bills, for items such as hospitalization, surgeries, rehabilitation, assistive devices, and ongoing care, can be covered in a damages award. Lost wages and earning capacity can also be covered, as these are likely to be substantial when a worker’s mobility is diminished or eliminated. Additionally, noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental anguish are covered in the state.

Other items particular to paralysis cases include costs for home modifications and assistive devices, such as ramps, widened doorways, wheelchairs, and lifts. Punitive damages and legal fees and costs can also be recovered. An experienced attorney could advise a person on the full range of available damages.

Contact a Houston Attorney About Your Paralysis Case Today

Paralysis is a tough challenge to face, but you do not have to deal with it alone. When you work with legal counsel, you could get help in pursuing damages that could cover your medical, practical, and emotional costs. Although recovering damages does not take back what happened, it can help alleviate some stress moving forward.

One of our lawyers who is familiar with the causes of paralysis in Houston could provide you the guidance and strength you need to pursue the compensation you deserve. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started.