The threat of hurricanes and other powerful storms is constant in the Katy area. Residential real estate owners and businesses must recognize these threats and take proper steps to protect their investments. One step in this process is acquiring the appropriate homeowner’s or business owner’s insurance policy. These policies should provide protection in the event of water, wind, or other catastrophic damage.

Sadly, the companies that administer these policies often find reasons to deny a claim. For example, an insurance adjuster may allege that the type of damage that occurred is not covered under the policy details. Insurance companies may also allege that a policyholder was behind on premiums or provided false information on a policy application.

Fortunately, a Katy storm claims lawyer may be able to help resolve these disputes. Additionally, a skilled personal injury attorney could take every step to hold insurance companies liable for covered damage.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies After a Storm Claim

On their surface, insurance policies appear to provide protection against wind damage, floods, and falling debris that often accompany these storms. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes interpret their policies differently than policyholders.

For instance, insurers might allege that a property owner needed separate protection against floods. They may also claim that a policy required a property owner to take protective measures against damage.

Regardless of the reason for a claim denial, a knowledgeable attorney in Katy may be able to help. For example, a legal team member could evaluate the language of an insurance policy and compare it to the property damage in question. Additionally, legal counsel could speak with the insurance company on behalf of policyholders to reverse a denial.

Taking Insurance Companies to Court

Insurance companies are obligated to treat their customers respectfully under state law, meaning they must pay legitimate claims within a reasonable time. Additionally, insurers can only deny claims for legitimate reasons. In many cases, a denial or delay in payment may justify a civil lawsuit.

A seasoned lawyer in Katy could take the lead in pursuing storm claim lawsuits. These cases demand the enforcement of valid insurance policies in the form of payment for a loss. In addition, these cases can require that an insurance company provide reimbursement for attorney’s fees.

It is important to recognize that these cases have a time limit. According to Texas Insurance Code § 541.162, people seeking enforcement of an insurance policy through a lawsuit must bring their case to court no more than two years after the date of loss. A legal representative is prepared to file these cases in court and make all needed legal arguments to protect a property owner’s rights.

Contact an Experienced Storm Claims Attorney in Katy Now

Storm damage is inevitable in the Katy area. Hurricanes, winter storms, and even tornados can devastate residential real estate and commercial property. Smart property owners will have insurance policies that provide payment in the event of damage. Sadly, the companies that administer these policies often find excuses to deny claims.

A Katy storm claims lawyer may be able to help you demand the payments that you deserve. An attorney could review the damage that occurred, determine the reason for a claim denial, and take the necessary steps to collect proper compensation. Reach out today to learn more and get started on your claim.