Dog attacks are surprisingly common incidents that can result in injuries such as torn skin and muscles, broken bones, and infections. If you suffered an injury after an encounter with a dog, you may be able to receive substantial compensation for your losses.

Even so, the law Texas can make this difficult. Specifically, one-bite laws can limit the liability of a dog owner in these cases. Unless you can prove that the dog’s owner knew about the animal’s violent tendencies, receiving compensation can be challenging.

Let a Houston dog bite lawyer on our team take the lead in your case. Our personal injury attorneys are prepared to perform a full investigation, outline your rights under the law, and demand proper compensation from a dog owner on your behalf.

How Does the One-Bite Rule Limit Dog Owner Liability in Houston?

State law provides a certain level of protection for dog owners. Even if an owner is out in public and their dog bites or otherwise attacks another person, they may not be liable for the resulting injuries under the one-bite rule. In short, this rule places an additional burden on the victims of canine attacks to prove that the owner knew or should have known about the animal’s propensity for or history of violence.

This could involve a previous bite or attack, a determination by a government body that the specific animal is dangerous, or local laws that name a breed of dog as being particularly vicious. This most often applies to pit bulls. While the one-bite law makes it difficult to succeed in many dog bite injury claims, a Houston attorney is prepared to obtain the evidence needed to defeat this presumption of liability.

Refuting Allegations of Shared Blame

Even if an injured individual can prove that a dog bite occurred in violation of the one-bite rule, they may still face barriers to collecting comprehensive compensation. The defendant dog owner may allege that a bite was the result of the victim’s inappropriate interaction with the animal. Specifically, they may attempt to deflect blame by stating that the bite was the product of trespassing on their property, teasing, provoking, or outright abuse of the dog.

A dog bite victim who is found partly responsible for their own injuries would have their compensation reduced under the concept of modified comparative negligence. Hiring a Houston dog bite attorney to handle the case could help reduce the likelihood of a defendant dog owner’s arguments impacting its outcome.

Speak with a Houston Dog Bite Attorney to Protect Your Legal Rights

Dog bites or other forms of canine attacks are serious events that can have tremendous consequences for everyone involved. In addition to necessitating expensive medical care and mental health counseling, a dog bite could also affect your ability to return to work and earn income.

Dog owners who allow these attacks to occur may be liable under the law. Still, the state’s one-bite law and rules concerning modified comparative negligence can make receiving fair compensation difficult. A Houston dog bite lawyer is ready to help you to tip the scales in your favor and would work tirelessly to investigate the incident, measure your losses, and demand that the dog’s owner pay their fair share. Reach out to our firm now to schedule a consultation.