You do not have to work in a chemical plant to be a victim of an explosion or leak. Explosions happen everywhere. Sometimes they happen because of a gaseous leak or other flammable substance. Sometimes these leaks go undetected by the human senses. However, there should be mechanisms in place to avoid explosions and leaks from happening.

It’s when these mechanisms aren’t being followed that people get injured, such as with serious burns. You go to work expecting that the person next to you will also do their job. Especially if their job deals with your safety. Employers and factory owners have a huge responsibility to ensure your safety. Not only do they have their own procedures in place, but they must follow local, state, and federal guidelines to ensure your safety.

If you are injured on the job due to an explosion or leak, it is possible that it is due to the negligence of someone else. Give our firm a call for a free consultation. We evaluate your circumstance and provide you the legal guidance you need to pursue a claim. You have the right to be compensated. Our personal injury attorneys can help!