Being bitten by an aggressive dog can be an intense experience, even if you are fortunate enough to avoid sustaining any serious physical injuries. An unfortunate reality is that bites from large or even small dogs often cause long-lasting physical damage that can have life-altering and even life-threatening repercussions. This physical harm is compounded by unexpected expenses and emotional trauma.

Recovering all available damages in Houston dog bite cases is an aspect of civil litigation that can become exceptionally complex. While there is no substitute for a seasoned dog bite attorney’s support when it comes to maximizing available compensation, here is a brief overview of the types of losses that typically play a role in these claims.

Medical Expenses

Unlike some other states, Texas does not hold dog owners automatically liable for the medical bills of who is injured seriously enough by a dog to require professional medical care. Instead, it will fall to the individual dog bite survivor and their Houston attorney to pursue financial damages for the costs of emergency treatment, surgical procedures like skin grafts, physical therapy, and other rehabilitative care they may require.

Lost Working Ability and Earnings

If a dog bite injury is serious enough that it prevents an injured person in Houston from performing their normal job tasks, that person can incorporate short-term wage or salary loss into their civil claim. When the bite injury results in permanent disfigurement and/or disability, it may be just as important—if not more so—to account for years or even decades of income that the injured person will no longer be able to earn, as well as the loss of job benefits such as health insurance.

Personal Property Damage and Related Expenses

While it likely will not represent the bulk of damages sought through a typical dog bite claim in Houston, damage to personal property—such as a cracked phone screen or torn clothes—can and generally should be included in an ensuing civil claim. Following an extremely serious injury, it will be very important to also account for long-term out-of-pocket expenses necessitated by a new disability for things like home and vehicle modifications.

Physical and Psychological Suffering

Last but not least, the mental scars stemming from a serious dog bite injury can often be just as debilitating as the physical ones. Unfortunately, these damages can also be harder to address in a proactive way. A knowledgeable Houston lawyer’s help can be especially crucial to identifying, assigning a fair value to, and demanding compensation for “non-economic” damages in a dog bite claim. These recoverable damages may include physical pain, emotional anguish, psychological trauma, and lost overall enjoyment of life.

Discuss Recoverable Damages in a Dog Bite Case With a Houston Attorney

While money alone may not be able to completely erase the mental and emotional scars that a dog attack can cause, fair compensation can certainly do a lot to mitigate the impact that the incident will have on your life. That said, courts will not just give you a predetermined amount of money solely because you were bitten by someone else’s dog, and effectively recovering the compensation you deserve can be a lot trickier than you might expect.

Fortunately, a tenacious legal team is here to help you maximize damages in your Houston dog bite case. Call today to discuss your options and next steps.