While many dogs are generally friendly and easy to get along with, some become nervous and even actively aggressive when faced with circumstances, people, or other animals they do not know. Even the most domesticated dogs are still wild animals at heart, and it is always possible for one of these animals to cause serious and even life-altering injuries.

A dog owner who allows their uncomfortable dog to bite someone else without provocation may hold civil liability for any injuries and losses that result from the attack. It can be helpful to understand the common causes of dog bites in Houston to minimize the risk of accidental bites and to more clearly establish when an owner may bear liability. When an aggressive animal hurts you or someone you love, speak with a local dog bite attorney about potentially pursuing compensation.

Fear of Physical Danger or Intrusion on a Dog’s “Territory”

Dogs tend to be protective of both people and animals they consider to be part of their “pack.” This can lead to an animal acting with unnecessary aggression toward people who get—what the dog considers to be, at least—too close for comfort. Any dog that thinks another person or creature is trying to injure it, their owner, or another dog they live with is more likely to end up reacting violently compared to a dog that is just nervous around strangers.

Being Surprised or Snuck Up On

Even big dogs can be naturally shy, and they may forget their training when they are in unfamiliar circumstances. In the same way a horse might kick out at someone behind them, a dog may nip at a person they were not expecting to see or be touched by, potentially resulting in a serious injury.

Being Overly Playful

Anyone who has ever owned or even spent much time around a Great Dane, Saint Bernard, or similarly sized dog breed probably knows that big dogs do not always understand just how big they are or how much strength they can put behind an excited jump toward someone. Even if there was no ill intent behind it, a dog bite injury in Houston stemming from a dog playing too roughly can still be grounds for civil litigation.

Being Improperly Trained and/or Restrained

When it comes to filing suit over a dog bite in Houston, the most common cause of action by far results from negligent ownership by the person who was supposed to be keeping the dog in question under control. Owners who do not make sure their dog obeys their commands, is properly fenced into their yard or home, and is always leashed while away from home are very likely acting irresponsibly enough to be legally liable for any bite injury their dog causes.

A Houston Attorney Can Help Take Action Over Common Causes of Dog Bites

While dog bite injuries can occur because of a wide range of factors, owner negligence is often at least partially to blame. Regardless of which specifically caused you to get hurt in an animal attack, having help from a skilled legal professional who understands the common causes of dog bites in Houston can go a long way toward getting you the best possible result from a civil claim.

A conversation with an experienced dog bite attorney could give you answers to important questions and confidence about what you should do next to enforce your legal rights. Call today for a consultation.