Victims of criminal acts like assault, rape, or violent attacks may find it difficult to consider their legal options right away. However, it is important to note that in addition to pursuing criminal charges, victims of criminal acts also have the right to file premises liability lawsuits against negligent landowners who failed to prevent crimes from occurring on their property. These lawsuits could hold the property owner accountable for the harm the victim suffered.

If you are the victim of negligent security, a practiced premises liability attorney could help. You may have a viable claim for compensation from the property owner if they failed to take reasonable steps to warn you or protect you from harm. Reach out to a Katy negligent security lawyer to learn more about what damages you might be entitled to.

What is Negligent Security?

A Negligent security case is a form of premises liability claim. Under premises liability law, the owners and occupiers of real property could be liable for damages if they fail to take reasonable steps to protect their visitors. This duty also includes preventing injury caused by foreseeable criminal acts.

Of course, not every victim of a violent crime will have a valid case for compensation against the property owner. Additionally, there are important factors that attorneys in Katy must establish to prove negligent security cases, including:


Foreseeable criminal acts often result in a successful negligent security case. For example, if a property owner knew or should have known that the threat of a criminal act was present, they could be liable. This knowledge usually stems from previous similar crimes in the area. Ignorance is not a defense, as the standard is that the property owner is liable if they should have known about the risk of crime.

Unreasonable Risk

The steps a property owner takes to address the risk of crime are also important. For instance, if a property owner fails to prevent criminal acts, they could be liable for any harm that occurs. However, if they take the same steps a reasonable person would take to prevent harm, they might not be responsible for the incident. The important question is whether the owner of the property exercised ordinary care to prevent visitors to the property from being victims of a foreseeable crime.

Common Examples of Negligent Security

There are many fact patterns that can result in a viable negligent security case. Often, these cases center around the actions a property owner could have taken to prevent a crime from occurring or impacting a specific individual, including:

  • Installing security fencing
  • Ensuring the premises is properly lit
  • Warning of criminal activity
  • Installing security cameras

Legal counsel could thoroughly investigate how a crime occurred and whether it was foreseeable. This investigation could also determine if a property owner took reasonable steps to prevent it from happening. With the help of a knowledgeable lawyer in Katy, it could be possible to hold negligent property owners accountable for these injuries.

Reach Out to a Negligent Security Attorney in Katy Today

Negligent security cases can be difficult to prove without the help of a seasoned legal representative. Thankfully, you can hire the attorney of your choice to help you prove that another person was responsible for your injuries.

A Katy negligent security lawyer could assist you with every aspect of your case. Call as soon as possible to get started.