Texas law allows victims of head-on car crashes to pursue the full extent of their damages to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. When you are hurt in a front-end crash, you could file a lawsuit against the person responsible. An attorney can help you accomplish this by lending their time and expertise and representing you in negotiations or at trial.

When pursuing a claim for a front-end car accident in McAllen, our firm persistently negotiates with insurance companies or defends your rights in the courtroom to get you fair compensation. Our experienced motor vehicle crash attorneys the challenges you face. We could help you get the relief you need.

What to Do After a Front-End Motor Vehicle Accident

Texas law requires people to pull over if they are involved in a front-end crash that may have resulted in injuries or physical property damage. The drivers should exchange information, such as names, telephone and driver’s license numbers, and insurance details. If those involved in the crash are injured, or one of the cars is unsafe to drive, the drivers should immediately report the accident to the police.

Drivers and passengers should stay calm after the accident to avoid further injuring themselves or undermining their claim by admitting fault or causing tensions to escalate. They can take pictures of the intersection, cars, and any injuries. When talking to police, they would benefit from sticking to the facts without commentary to avoid inadvertently saying they are to blame for or contributed to the crash.

Those involved should file an insurance claim with the insurance company that covered the vehicle they were in during the crash. Just like when communicating with the police, drivers, and passengers should limit the discussion to the facts about what happened. A front-end car accident attorney in McAllen can help people understand their rights during the claims process and, if necessary, file a lawsuit to get the compensation the victims need.

Negotiating a Fair Settlement for a Front-End Car Crash

Injured drivers can begin negotiating a fair settlement when they know the total value of the claim. A front-end car accident causes significant damage to a vehicle, including steering, transmission, or axle issues. Before beginning negotiations with the insurance company, the claimant should take their vehicle to a repair shop to get an accurate estimate of the damage.

The injured person should also see a medical professional to address any injuries from the head-on collision. Seeking medical treatment paints a picture of the long-term costs of the accident-related injury, allowing the injured driver to propose a settlement to the insurance company that supports their medical care expenses.

Before signing anything given to them by the insurance companies, the claimant should speak to a lawyer in McAllen who handles head-on car wrecks. The insurance company’s first offer to the claimant is often far below the claim’s actual value. A legal representative can estimate the financial impact of the crash, help the claimant determine what a reasonable offer might look like, and work with the insurance company to get a fair settlement.

Call an Attorney in McAllen for Help After a Front-End Car Accident

Front-end car accidents uproot your life, causing you to lose out on much-needed income, undergo surgeries, or have to repair or replace your car. Fortunately, Texas law empowers you to stand up for your rights in court and hold the negligent driver accountable for their carelessness. After getting injured in a head-on car wreck, hiring an attorney to help handle legal matters is essential.

We understand the trials you face after a front-end car accident in McAllen and are here to help lift your burden. Contact a legal representative at our firm today to schedule a consultation.