When you are injured in an accident caused by someone texting and driving, legal options may be available to you. Going to court increases your chances of getting the money you need to support yourself while you heal or reimbursing you for your accident-related expenses. When filing a lawsuit sounds overwhelming or confusing, consider hiring a car injury attorney with experience handling texting and driving cases.

Our team regularly takes on cases involving texting while driving car accidents in McAllen. We understand the trials experienced by crash victims and take pride in our ability to explain legal concepts and the claim process. Contact us today to help you on your journey to justice.

What Are Texas’s Laws About Texting and Driving?

Texas law makes it illegal for someone to text behind the wheel of a car. Specifically, the law bans the use of a phone or other electronic device to send, receive, write, or read messages while operating a vehicle. That said, the law includes a host of exceptions.

People may be able to use their phones while in their cars when the vehicle is stopped. They may also briefly use their devices to change the music, use a map application, or contact authorities. Drivers can also use a talk-to-text device to write, send, or read a message if it is hands-free.

Anyone who chooses to text and drive puts others at serious risk of a life-altering accident. Hardworking attorneys in McAllen help those injured in texting while driving car wrecks rebuild their lives by pursuing legal remedies. A legal representative can thoroughly investigate the case to find evidence proving the texting driver caused the collision.

What To Do After a Texting-Related Car Wreck

In the moments following a texting-related car wreck, protecting the injured person’s legal rights, personal health, and mental well-being is critical. The injured person should immediately contact local law enforcement to comply with their reporting requirements under Texas law. They can also get medical help to address their physical wounds and establish a link between the crash and their condition.

Taking pictures of the position of the cars, the intersection, and the damage to each vehicle is crucial. Anyone hurt in an automobile crash should exchange information with those involved and record witness statements. When the injured party suspects the driver who hit them was texting, they must tell the police and make notes for their records.

Finally, the injured driver can file a claim with their car insurance company. A knowledgeable lawyer in McAllen can try to get the financial recovery they deserve from the insurer. When the insurance company refuses to settle, a lawsuit could reimburse the injured person for their expenses.

Call an Attorney in McAllen for Assistance After a Texting While Driving Auto Wreck

Those injured in texting and driving car accidents often lose income because of their injuries, spend money on medical care, and miss out on daily activities they enjoy. In this situation, filing a civil claim could help you recover the compensation you deserve. A legal representative can lend their time, resources, and expertise, so you can focus on healing.

Our firm fights for victims of texting while driving car accidents in McAllen and knows what to look for to prove fault. We are ready to advocate for you so you can get back to your life without the burden of a pending legal battle. Call a car accident attorney at our firm to schedule an appointment.