Under commercial premises liability law, property owners are responsible for the safety of patrons, employees, vendors, and, in limited circumstances, even trespassers on their property. When business owners fail to take reasonable precautions to keep those on their property safe, it can have serious consequences. If you were injured on commercial property, you could pursue a premises liability claim against the owner.

When you are injured due to someone else’s negligence, you might be wondering about financial compensation. Whether you suffered a slip and fall or other type of accident, a McAllen commercial property premises liability lawyer could help you recover damages for your injuries and other losses related to the incident. Call one of McAllen’s premises liability attorneys today to learn more.

Types of Commercial Property Premises Liability Claims

There are a variety of ways someone could be injured on commercial property. Examples of common hazards and other dangerous conditions in commercial settings include uneven flooring, spilled liquids, and snow and ice. Likewise, guests and employees can be injured by third parties, defective equipment or merchandise, and hazardous substances.

Slip and Fall Accidents

One of the most common commercial premises liability claims arises from slip and fall accidents. In stores, restaurants, bars, and other commercial properties, hazards like messy aisles, debris, spilled liquids, and poor lighting can make it easier for a guest to slip, trip, or fall. In Texas, commercial property owners are obligated to take necessary precautions to address dangerous conditions before they can injure a guest. For example, businesses should train employees to monitor the property for hazards and quickly provide a wet floor sign.

Negligent Security Incidents

Another commercial property premises liability claim can stem from a business’s failure to provide adequate security measures. Under Texas commercial premises liability law, a property owner who fails to keep their guests or employees safe can be liable for resulting injuries. Simple precautions like security cameras, alarm systems, and gates can protect business owners. Some relevant factors in negligent security cases are whether the business is in a high-crime area and if the property had bad lighting, faulty locks or alarms, lack of security guards, or the absence of similar precautions.

Building Defects

Commercial property owners have a legal responsibility to conduct regular maintenance on their buildings. When problems develop, owners must resolve the issue in a timely fashion. Businesses should also warn customers of any hazardous conditions until they are addressed. Anyone who has been hurt on a commercial property in McAllen should meet with a local legal professional to determine if there is adequate evidence of negligence to support a premises liability claim.

Commercial Property Owner Liability in Texas

When a business or commercial property owner does not keep their property safe for guests, employees, and other visitors, it can have devastating consequences. Under Texas law, commercial property owners have a heightened duty when it comes to protecting their guests. Specifically, it is the duty of commercial property owners to identify hazardous conditions that could harm visitors, proactively address the issue, and warn their guests with proper signage. With help from a McAllen attorney, an injured visitor can pursue a premises liability claim against commercial property owners by demonstrating the business failed to identify or address hazards on their property.

Contact a McAllen Commercial Property Premises Liability Attorney

When you are injured at a business or other commercial property, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. If a property owner was negligent in addressing a hazard or other dangerous condition that caused your injury, you could recover compensation for the cost of your medical treatment, lost wages, and other losses stemming from the accident. Discuss your legal rights and remedies with a McAllen commercial property premises liability lawyer by calling now.