Texas commercial property owners are expected to repair dangers or post warnings to keep patrons safe from accidents and harm, but they are also expected to provide adequate security measures to thwart crimes against patrons, clients, and customers. Choosing appropriate security measures depends on the circumstances. A bar with a dark and isolated parking lot in a high crime area will need more than an upscale restaurant where a valet parks and retrieves your car.

You may notice the precautions businesses open late at night take. Unfortunately, some businesses do not take the proper steps to secure their premises, and people end up hurt as a result. If you were injured because of negligent security on commercial property, do not wait to contact a dedicated premises liability attorney. A McAllen negligent security lawyer could help you understand your civil options for pursuing justice.

Proving Negligent Security

Proving negligent security claims is similar to proving negligence in personal injury cases. The commercial property owner has a duty to keep visitors safe and warn them of dangers, and if that duty is breached by failing to provide adequate security and a visitor is harmed, the owner may be liable for compensating the visitor for the damage done.

It is important to note that in order to pursue compensation in a negligent security claim, the visitor must be on the property legally. Owners have no duty to safeguard adult trespassers.

Proving Safety Measures Are Inadequate

Plaintiffs must prove a commercial property owner breached the duty to keep visitors safe because the security measures were inadequate. Because a lot of crime is random and a matter of opportunity, owners must consider what measures will reduce the chance a crime will be committed. Some common safety measures include:

  • Parking lots or garages that are well-lit
  • Working locks that safeguard late-night employees
  • Surveillance cameras that are operable
  • Alarm systems that automatically contact the police when triggered
  • Security guards, armed in appropriate areas

A McAllen negligent security attorney could investigate safety measures an owner has taken and if they are reasonable.

Foreseeable Crime

Proving the property owner should have foreseen a crime might be committed could be accomplished by showing the lack of safety measures, which the owner should know invites crime. A negligent security attorney could also study police reports to discover previous crimes committed in the area, and insurance claims the property owner may have made in the past.

Compensation after a Negligent Security Crime

Plaintiffs who prove they were harmed because a commercial property owner was lax in taking security measures can recover economic and non-economic damages. These include immediate and future medical care related to the injuries, any wages lost during recuperation, loss of property, and the mental angst of what may have been a violent attack.

Experienced McAllen lawyers know how to factor in all of a plaintiff’s losses into their negligent security damages demand.

Reach Out To A McAllen Negligent Security Attorney

If you were hurt on commercial property because the owners failed to take proper safety precautions, we are here to help. Property owners are expected to provide a safe environment for visitors. When they fall short of that duty, they can be held legally and financially responsible for your losses.

A skilled McAllen negligent security lawyer from our firm could sit down with you and listen to your story. Contact our office today to get started.