Falls can have catastrophic consequences, especially for older populations. Someone who visits a property and slips on an unmarked wet floor may have cause for a premises liability lawsuit.

When you suffer injuries after slipping on a wet floor, seek medical treatment, even if you only experience minor bruising. Then, explore your options for holding the careless property owner accountable. After a wet floor accident in Houston, schedule a meeting with a slip and fall attorney to discuss your next steps.

Civil Claims Based on Wet Floor Incidents

Slipping and falling on a wet floor can lead to severe injuries with devastating consequences, especially for people over the age of 65. Some common injuries that result from wet floor accident injuries include:

Property owners are legally responsible for keeping their property hazard-free for visitors. Wet floors leading to slip and fall accidents can serve as a basis for premises liability claims. If an injured plaintiff and their Houston attorney can offer sufficient evidence that a property owner’s negligence led to a wet floor accident, the court may award the plaintiff compensation for their losses.

Shared Fault in Premises Liability Claims

A property owner may dispute their liability by arguing the plaintiff contributed to their own injuries. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.001, sharing a portion of the fault does not disqualify someone from collecting compensation from other liable parties. The claimant must be less responsible than the defendant, however. Additionally, the court will lower the claimant’s recoverable settlement amount by their percentage of fault for the incident. A lawyer skilled with Houston wet floor accident claims could help calculate the potential award amount under the shared fault statute.

Visitor Types in Wet Floor Accident Cases

Under premises liability laws, there are three types of visitors. Someone’s status at the time of their wet floor accident dictates whether they have grounds to file a civil claim in Houston.


Invitees are guests who enter a business for financial reasons. A business extends an implied invitation for visitors, and examples include people entering a grocery store or mall. Property owners owe this group the highest duty of care, as they must assess their property for hazards and take quick measures to remedy them.


The second group is licensees who are invited to someone’s property for personal or social reasons. Dinner guests or neighbors stopping by to visit would fall within this category.


Trespassers include anyone who enters a premise without the owner’s permission. While the property owner is responsible for keeping the premises hazard-free for invitees and licensees, they have no legal obligation to trespassers. However, owners must ensure their property is clear of “attractive nuisances” that appeal specifically to children.

Speak With a Houston Attorney About a Wet Floor Accident Claim

Wet floor accidents in Houston may seem like a minor inconvenience to some, but others may experience severe injuries leading to disabilities. Most of the time, these incidents are entirely avoidable, and you have the right to hold a reckless property owner responsible.

You could be eligible for compensation if you can prove someone failed to mop up a wet floor or provide proper signage about the hazard. Get started on your case today by calling our firm now.