When consumers visit a business, they should not worry about their safety. Business owners and managers must provide adequate security and take safety measures to keep their customers and tenants reasonably safe both inside and outside the premises.

People file negligent security claims for many reasons, including assault, robbery, and sexual misconduct. Recovering damages in a premises liability case is challenging for those without experience. Contact a skilled Houston negligent security lawyer if you need help holding a property manager financially accountable.

Filing a Claim for Negligent Security

After sustaining injuries because of negligent security, a plaintiff can sue for damages with the help of an experienced attorney. Factors including whether a property owner invited a visitor onto the premises will be vital for a successful case.

The judge will also consider if a property owner or should have known about a hazard. Additionally, certain elements must be present to recover damages in an improper security lawsuit, including the following:

The Crime or Act Was Foreseeable

Foreseeability is the most vital element in negligent security claims. The court will consider whether there were previous crimes in the area where an incident took place. If the court discovers evidence of prior criminal activity, a judge might conclude defendant did not provide a reasonable duty of care to ensure the safety of visitors to the premises.

The Risk of Harm was Unreasonable

For the risk of harm to be unreasonable, the evidence must show that a defendant failed to provide the standard security measures necessary by law. For instance, if visitors are harmed in a criminal attack, a property owner likely breached their duty of care.

A knowledgeable attorney in Houston could help collect the evidence needed to prove an entity provided negligent security and help get a claimant a positive outcome.

Negligent Security Cases Involving Landlords

As with commercial properties, landlords must ensure that their space is safe for renters and their guests. According to Texas Chapter 92 of the Property Code Section 92.001, landlords have specific duties to ensure tenant safety, including:

  • Ensuring that every window and sliding glass door is secure and has a lock
  • Rekeying every door within seven days of a tenant moving out or when a tenant requests them to do so
  • Ensuring exterior doors in the building have a lock, deadbolt, and peephole
  • Promptly repairing broken security devices and anything that could put tenants at risk
  • Providing adequate lighting

A knowledgeable lawyer in Houston could investigate the evidence of a negligent security claim to discover whether a defendant followed safety requirements.

Schedule a Meeting with a Negligent Security Attorney in Houston

There is no way for property owners and managers to prevent every intentional act of violence or other action that leads to injuries. However, state laws require adequate measures to deter criminal activity, which helps protect your safety.

When you sustain injuries and losses because the person responsible for a property does not meet the minimum requirements, a court will usually hold them accountable for your inconvenience. If you need help collecting compensation after an attack, contact a skilled Houston negligent security lawyer to schedule a consultation.