State law allows people who are injured in swimming pool accidents in Houston to pursue compensation from those who contributed to or caused their injuries. You may be able to recover a financial award that reimburses your medical expenses. However, preparing a successful injury claim takes time, energy, and a strong understanding of the law, so you may want to improve your chances of a favorable outcome by hiring a local attorney.

Our premises liability attorneys advocate for Texans who suffer injuries due to a property owner’s negligence. No one should have to experience an infection, head injury, broken bones, or any other consequence of a pool-related injury because of someone else’s negligence. Our team is here to fight for you and hold the at-fault pool owner, installer, or lifeguard responsible.

Common Causes of Swimming Pool Incidents

While pools are an enjoyable place to relax or bring the family, a wide range of circumstances can turn this fun activity into a dangerous hazard. Mechanical failures, improperly installed equipment, and poor supervision can all lead to injuries at a swimming facility.

If a pool’s circulation or drainage system is too strong or does not have safeguards in place, it can injure vulnerable swimmers. Likewise, if the pool’s owner does not repair loose railings or diving boards, pool-goers may hurt themselves using these features. Unsupervised people under the influence of drugs or alcohol may slip and fall or cause others to slip and fall and suffer a head injury. Finally, if the pool’s owner does not properly sanitize the water, it can cause people to become sick from the chemicals or bacteria.

Swimming pool accidents can be life-threatening, especially if someone hits their head before falling into the pool. Houston lawyers with experience handling pool accident claims could help survivors or victims’ families understand their rights under Texas law. They could also investigate the cause of someone’s injuries to determine the most effective legal remedies.

Legal Deadlines for Filing a Pool Injury Claim

The amount of time someone has to file a lawsuit after being injured in a pool accident depends on several factors. Texas law typically gives people in Houston two years to file a personal injury action after a swimming pool accident. However, those filing a product liability action (e.g., because of a defective diving board or railing) or a claim against a landscaper or construction company may have more time. The same goes for claims involving landscapers or construction companies who did not properly install the pool or the tiles around it. On the other hand, if someone gets hurt at a government-owned public pool, they may have less time to file their claim.

A local injury attorney helps survivors understand the steps they must take to secure a positive outcome in their specific situation. A skilled lawyer could also prepare and file the appropriate court documents on someone’s behalf to ensure they meet all legal deadlines.

A Houston Lawyer Can Help After a Swimming Pool Accident

Swimming pool accidents in Houston can uproot your life, but state law offers a path forward. Filing a lawsuit against the owner or the company responsible for installing or maintaining the pool gives you a chance to tell your story and recoup your losses. A lawyer from our firm could help you prepare your case to increase your likelihood of success in court.

We understand you are hurting physically, emotionally, and financially and are here to help however possible. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.