While some stairwell accidents may be just that, other such incidents could stem directly from a person or company’s negligence. When negligent action or inaction results in conditions that put you at risk of injury, you might have legal grounds to pursue compensation for any losses you suffer.

If you have been injured in a stairwell accident in Houston, you may want to speak with a lawyer to discuss your legal options. A knowledgeable premises liability attorney could evaluate your potential claim and advise on your next steps.

Stairwell Accidents Often Stem from Negligence

Stairwell accidents can happen in private dwellings like homes and apartments as well as commercial locations like shopping centers, parking garages, hotels, stadiums, restaurants, and office buildings. Improperly built or maintained stairways, loose carpeting, stairwells that are not up to code, slippery surfacing, or lack of proper handrailing are just a few instances of circumstances that can lead to these types of incidents and may indicate that negligence was present. A serious slip and fall or trip and fall on a stairway can leave someone grappling with severe as well as costly personal injuries. These injuries can include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, injuries to the muscles, spinal cord injuries, and others.

Depending on the premises involved and the details surrounding the injury, one or multiple parties could be liable for a stairwell incident in Houston. The individual or entity that owns the premises, the individual or entity responsible for maintaining the premises, or any other party who played a role in the underlying incident may bear legal liability.

Seeking Compensation for Stairwell Accident Injuries

A Houston attorney could help individuals injured in stairwell accidents due to negligence seek various types of compensation from all responsible parties involved. Most stairwell accident cases are subject to a two-year statute of limitations, so it is wise not to wait too long to contact an attorney who could identify the legal options available.

When someone suffers one or more injuries from a stairwell accident, they may not only require initial treatment but ongoing physical therapy and medical care. These injuries could also have other wide-ranging ramifications, including on the individual’s ability to work or interact with friends and loved ones as before. The difficulties imposed by these injuries can take not just a financial or physical toll, but an emotional one as well.

These are all losses that may be recoverable in a successful stairwell accident claim. Individuals injured in these types of incidents could be entitled to compensation for their pain, suffering, psychological distress, lost wages, medical bills, future lost earning ability, and loss of life enjoyment, among multiple forms of potential recovery.

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Cases involving Stairwell accidents in Houston can be complex. It is vital to work with a skilled attorney every step of the way who not only understands the legal intricacies involved but could put the most effective strategies to work to pursue every penny you deserve.

From investigating liability to documenting your injuries and damages to compiling a complete case for compensation, a lawyer could manage every facet of your case. Get in touch with our office today to discuss your potential case with an experienced attorney.