Anytime you fall or experience another type of injury while away from home, you might be able to pursue financial compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. The theory of premises liability law states that property must be reasonably safe for all visitors and allows an injured person to sue the negligent owner for damages. Serious injuries can occur in residential, commercial, and public settings. Depending on where your injury occurs, different rules can apply.

When you get hurt on public or governmental property, however, your claim could be more complicated, so it is critical that you work with an experienced premises liability attorney. A Houston public property injury lawyer who could help you fight for the fair compensation you and your family need and deserve.

Locations Where Injuries Can Occur on Public Property

People who experience injuries while on property that is owned, maintained, or controlled by a government agency can sometimes sue the public authority for damages. Some of the more common places where injuries occur on public property are as follows:

  • Courthouses
  • Public streets
  • Public schools
  • Public libraries
  • Public sidewalks
  • Public swimming pools
  • Public playgrounds and parks
  • Public parking lots and garages
  • Office buildings of municipal, state, or federal authorities

A well-informed attorney in Houston could review the facts from an accident to see if the property was public or private.

Types of Accidents that Can Occur on Public Properties

To be successful in a lawsuit against a governmental authority, an injured individual must prove that they experienced an injury because of an unsafe and hidden condition on public property.

Different types of accidents resulting in injuries can occur from hazardous conditions on public properties, including the following:

  • Slips and falls on slippery flooring or steps inside public buildings or outside on uneven parking lots or sidewalks
  • Drownings and near drownings in public pools from lack of adequate lifeguard supervision
  • Violent attacks inside a public parking garage due to inadequate security and poor lighting
  • Falls and other accidents on defective equipment at public playgrounds
  • Injuries at schools from lack of proper maintenance of hallways and classrooms or from lack of teacher supervision

A Houston lawyer could investigate an accident and search for proof that the injury happened because of an unreasonable hazard on public property.

Procedural Requirements After Public Property Accidents

While people injured in an accident on someone else’s property generally have two years to file a suit, claims against governmental authorities have additional procedural requirements. State law requires people to notify the government agency of their intent to sue. Potential claimants must submit a notice of claim within six months after their accident. In their notice, the injured individual must give specific details about the accident, such as information about their injuries, the date and location of the accident, and a description of what happened.

Working with an attorney in Houston is critical to ensure that all the correct information is included and filed in a timely manner to pursue damages for an injury on public property effectively.

Talk to a Houston Attorney About Public Property Injury Suits

When you receive an injury outside your home, you deserve the chance to pursue compensation for your injuries. If your injury happened on public property, you must ensure you work with the right legal team. Call today to speak with a Houston public property injury lawyer with a proven track record of success with premises liability claims against government authorities and public agencies.