While people in Houston expect bad weather quite often, this weather makes the already overcrowded and dangerous roads even more hazardous. The risk is even higher when truckers ignore the terrible weather conditions or are unprepared for how Houston drivers respond to lousy outdoor conditions.

Despite extensive training and experience, some truckers ignore lousy weather, whether they are trying to meet deadlines or do not appreciate the risk. The result can be dangerous, even deadly, accidents. When you or a loved one are injured in bad weather truck accidents in Houston, you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to one of our diligent truck accident attorneys to learn more.

Bad Weather Driving Laws

This state does not have laws explicitly targeting truckers in lousy weather. However, it does allow the Texas Department of Transportation to drop the speed limit on roads in response to weather conditions. Any drivers failing to observe those speed limits are breaking the law, which can be evidence of negligence.

Federal law has more specific regulations. For example, 49 C.F.R. § 392.14 instructs commercial drivers to exercise caution in bad weather by reducing their speed and not driving when the conditions make it unsafe. However, it is up to the trucker to determine when the weather conditions are unsafe. If inclement weather contributes to a Houston truck crash, then it can be easier to demonstrate that a trucker should have pulled over and stopped driving.

Wet Weather and Slick Roads

Many people mistakenly believe that it needs to be raining for the weather to be dangerous for driving. However, the roads may be at their most dangerous at the start of a storm. Oil from vehicles collects on the road, so when precipitation begins to fall, it loosens this oil, making the streets incredibly slick. It may be more challenging to maneuver vehicles at the start of a storm than in moderate rainfall.


Fog creates similar issues. The moisture can condense on the ground, loosening up oil. Plus, the fog can make it extremely difficult to see, especially for truckers, who sit above the headlights and taillights of other vehicles on the road.


When rainfall increases, drivers encounter problems such as reduced visibility. Combined with the fact that many Houston drivers are more reckless in bad weather, this reduced visibility means that truckers should exercise extreme caution to avoid accidents. Failing to do so can lead to them slamming on brakes or leaving their lane to avoid accidents, leading to slipping and sliding on the road.

Who is Liable for an Accident in Bad Weather?

Multiple parties could be responsible for Houston collisions related to bad weather. The trucker may share fault with a driver who cut them off, hit them, or otherwise create a hazardous scenario. In addition, employers may share some of the blame because poorly maintained vehicles are more difficult to control in bad weather.

Reach Out to a Houston Attorney to Learn About Bad Weather Truck Wrecks

Bad weather may explain an accident, but it does not excuse truckers from driving more cautiously when they encounter it. Failing to do so is negligence; the law provides remedies when someone else’s negligence causes injuries. When another driver’s recklessness has injured you, reach out to one of our lawyers to find out more about your potential remedies after bad weather truck accidents in Houston. Call today to schedule your consultation.