The size and weight of heavy commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks, increase the risks of accidents leading to life-altering consequences. Therefore, the federal and state governments oversee and regulate the industry to prevent avoidable collisions and keep roadways safer for everyone traveling on them.

When they fail to comply, and crashes happen, those who sustain harm have legal rights and may hold the at-fault party financially accountable. One of our dedicated truck accident attorneys could help you hold the negligent person liable. We could help you understand the process of pursuing damages in Houston truck accident cases and create a strategy to get you the compensation you deserve.

Commercial Trucking 

Texas is the second largest state in the country, with over 300,000 miles of public roads and highways. The trucking and freight industry plays a crucial role in transporting various types of freight throughout the great state.

According to research conducted by the government agency, the Texas Department of Transportation, commercial trucks comprise approximately 12 percent of the total miles traveled by all vehicles throughout Texas annually. While they are essential for the economy and transporting goods, the high rate of 18-wheelers and other heavy commercial vehicles also increases the risk of crashes involving commercial trucks.

Establishing Fault to Collect Compensation

Establishing fault after crashes with 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles differs from cases involving motorists with standard driver’s licenses. There are various reports to request regarding the trucker, freight, and truck history, and claims often name multiple parties as defendants in the lawsuit. Some examples of the potential liable parties include:

  • The truck drivers if they were out of compliance with the industry rules and regulations, or the accident happened because of negligent operation
  • The truck company when they failed to ensure employees are compliant with the statutes or the vehicles receive maintenance as the laws require
  • The 18-wheeler manufacturer, if a mechanical defect occurred leading up to the collision
  • A third-party company handling the loading and unloading of cargo if the semi-truck was overloaded or improperly loaded at the time of the traffic event

Understanding the federal and state regulations on the industry is essential for establishing liability and collecting a fair settlement. During the consultation, a Houston attorney knowledgeable about damages in truck collision claims could answer specific questions about liable parties and the process.

The Potential Recoverable Damages

After establishing fault, the civil court awards damages based on the case’s specific circumstances, including the severity of the accident and the responsible parties’ actions. The potential recoverable damages include the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Trauma and emotional distress caused by the collision
  • Time off work, including lost pay, benefits, and future earning potential
  • Medical expenses, including ongoing care, surgical procedures, and rehabilitation
  • Healthcare equipment, home renovations if necessary to accommodate disabilities if necessary, and prescriptions

A lawyer experienced with lawsuits and recovering damages from Houston truck wrecks could help gather the crucial evidence to establish fault, injuries, and total losses.

Insurance Company Communication

After collisions with semi-trucks, the insurance company representing the driver and the company employing them reaches out for a statement within a few days. Speaking with them directly, especially regarding settling the claim, can mean accepting an inadequate payout amount or lead to other problems during the process. An experienced attorney could handle the communication and fight for a fair settlement amount.

Contact a Houston Attorney to Learn About Damages in Truck Crash Claims

After a crash with an 18-wheeler or other commercial vehicle, you must understand the industry, including federal and state legislation, to collect a fair judgment amount in a suit. The elimination of all accidents is unachievable. Even so, when trucking companies, drivers, and other third-party related organizations adhere to the regulations, they help reduce the chances of them occurring significantly.

If you suffered injuries and losses in a crash caused by negligence, you could be eligible to collect a payout for damages. Call us today to speak with a lawyer skilled in industry-related lawsuits who has won the just number of damages in Houston truck accident cases.