The immediate moments following a collision with a semi truck are intense. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. These wrecks can happen for a variety of reasons: road rage, bad weather, driving under the influence, and other examples. Injuries can range from minor to fatal.

When you suffer injuries in a wreck caused by a trucker’s negligence, you could pursue compensation. One of our experienced truck accident attorneys could develop a strategy to help you get the financial recovery you deserve and prepare you for the entire process. It is important to be prepared and to know your rights. Speak with a lawyer today to know the first steps to take after a Houston truck accident.

What to Do After a Truck Accident

Truck accidents in Houston can be scary and leave a victim disoriented, so it is important to know the steps to take immediately after. After an accident, an injured driver or passenger should:

Check on Themselves and Others

They should determine their safety and if they are in a secure place. They should immediately move out of the zone of danger if they are able to get away. The person should then check on the safety of other people around them.

Call 911 For Help

The victim should ask for medical care even if they do not think they are injured. Even if the victim thinks they are fine, that could be merely adrenaline and they could still be injured. Further, a police report will prove to be helpful later.

Get the Other Driver’s Information

It is important to get the contact and insurance information of the negligent driver and to stay calm while conversing with them or any other parties involved.

Collect Evidence

The injured person should take pictures and videos of the accident scene, if possible. They should also write down details about the accident to help with finding evidence later.

Contact a Lawyer

As soon as possible, the injured person should get in touch with a qualified personal injury lawyer to help them pursue damages in a case.

The Importance of Evidence

If they can, the victim should take photos of the accident scene. They should also document where the other vehicle hit them, any speed signs, or anything else that could serve as evidence in a court hearing or settlement discussions. It is also helpful to get the names and contact information of any witnesses for testimony. Writing down a personal recollection of what occurred is also helpful. An essential step is hiring an attorney in Houston who specializes in truck crash lawsuits; they could assist in collecting evidence on the plaintiff’s behalf afterwards.

Additionally, the injured person should immediately go to a healthcare facility for an exam. A doctor’s report that notes all the cuts, burns, bruises, bleeding, and other injuries could serve as documented evidence in court or in settlement negotiations to justify the demanded amount of compensation. The doctor must diagnose when and where injuries occurred because defendants regularly attempt to successfully argue that the injuries worsened due to the plaintiff’s inaction, which would affect the total amount of damages. An attorney could help use medical documents and bills to prove that the claimant deserves compensation.

Contact a Houston Attorney About Next Steps After a Truck Accident

After experiencing a life-changing wreck, knowing what to do may be unclear. We want to help you understand the first steps to take after a Houston truck accident. One of the most important steps is to retain legal representation. We could guide you through your options moving forward and discuss settling versus taking a case to court. During a consultation, we could help you make sure you have taken all necessary steps to have a successful case. Call our firm today for help.