Drinking and driving is not just a bad idea — it is a crime. While many people escape the consequences, the risk is too significant to take a chance on your own life. Drunk drivers are much more likely to get into accidents, especially if they are commercial truckers, due to the increased risk from their large vehicles. First, their vehicles are harder to maneuver, which means that decreased reaction time and coordination hit them harder. Second, the size of their vehicles makes the accidents more likely to cause severe injuries or even death.

Intoxication is almost always indicative of negligence in drunk driving truck accidents in Houston. When you have experienced an injury due to an intoxicated truck driver’s negligence on the road, call one of our hard-working truck accident attorneys today to learn how we could help you pursue compensation.

Drunk Driving Statutes

Texas drivers cannot drive with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (B.A.C.) over .08. However, Texas Transportation Code § 522.001 drops that limit to .04 for commercial drivers. While people mistakenly believe that the .08 limit means that it is safe to drive with a lower B.A.C., even one drink can impact someone’s ability, coordination, judgment, and vision.

The state’s limit does not free truckers with a B.A.C. of less than .04 from negligence; federal regulations dictate rules regarding drinking and driving. According to 49 Code of Federal Regulations § 392.5, drivers cannot be under the influence within four hours of driving their truck or going on duty. It takes between four and five hours for most people to go from a B.A.C. of .08 to .00, which means that any evidence of alcohol could indicate the trucker violated that rule. That evidence may not be enough to support a criminal conviction after a Houston drunk-driving truck collision. However, it could still support a claim of negligence.

Injuries From a Drunk Driving Truck Crash

One of the most frustrating things about a drunk driving accident is that the intoxicated trucker often has the most minor injuries due to the advantage of their rig size and elevation above other cars.

When they are intoxicated, their chance of injury may be even lower. Intoxicated drivers often get fewer injuries than other people because the alcohol relaxes their bodies. So, a drunk trucker could walk away from an accident, whereas other people have significant injuries.

A truck wreck can lead to all sorts of injuries, including:

Not every injury is immediately apparent. People may go into shock after an accident, which can mask pain. Plus, some injuries may develop over time. For example, as pressure increases for brain and spinal injuries, it can dramatically worsen them. Getting immediate medical care after a wreck with a drunk trucker in Houston not only helps demonstrate injuries in a personal injury lawsuit but can also keep injuries from getting worse.

Reach Out to an Attorney in Houston About Drunk Trucker Accidents

No one ever wants to be in a car accident. They are always inconvenient, frequently expensive, and come with a high risk of injury or even death. Even if you survive the accident, you may be looking at a lengthy recovery period, lost wages, and time away from work. The person responsible for your injuries should pay for them.

Truckers are not always solely responsible for drunk driving truck accidents in Houston. If an employer knew the trucker was driving while intoxicated, they could share responsibility. One of our attorneys could help identify all potentially liable parties to increase your chances of substantial compensation. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more.