Hit-and-run car accidents in Katy can lead to a variety of devastating consequences. In addition to debilitating physical injuries, many survivors of these accidents are left with profound emotional struggles. They might face depression, anxiety, and overbearing post-traumatic stress. Injured individuals may also worry about their financial situation when having to pay their medical bills while taking time off work. 

If a hit-and-run crash affected you or your family member, a knowledgeable accident attorney could offer you thoughtful advice to help you get through this challenging time. The team at KGS Law Group is here for you. 

The Basics of Hit-and-Run Collisions

After a car crash, drivers are supposed to stop and exchange contact and insurance information with other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, or anyone else involved. Hit-and-run accidents occur when a car hits another vehicle or person, but the driver flees the scene without providing contact information.

Hit-and-run incidents can be relatively minor, such as when a driver in a parking lot strikes a parked vehicle and then flees without leaving behind their name or contact information. Although these types of property damage accidents can result in aggravation when dealing with vehicle repair costs, they do not cause personal injuries to anyone. 

Other times, hit-and-run crashes result in life-altering injuries or fatalities. Drivers may flee the scene after striking a person in a crosswalk or a cyclist on the side of the street. After a hit-and-run vehicle accident in Katy, anyone who is injured should speak with a trusted attorney about their legal options.  

Identifying the Responsible Party in a Hit-and-Run

With most types of car crashes, the at-fault driver’s insurance company is responsible for paying for the costs associated with the accident. While there might be a dispute about who is primarily at fault for the crash, there is no dispute about who is involved. When a driver flees the scene, the at-fault driver is missing, and people injured in the crash might face a more difficult time trying to recover rightful compensation. 

Locate the Driver

A dedicated legal team could perform a detailed investigation of the accident. They could speak with the police who arrived at the scene to learn more about the crash. They could also follow up with eyewitnesses to learn what they saw. With forensic evidence from the car, surveillance camera footage, cellphone pictures, and eyewitness accounts, police and hardworking attorneys often have success identifying drivers who leave the scene. Survivors of a crash could pursue a civil claim against the driver for compensation for their injuries at the same time as a local prosecutor pursues criminal charges. 

File an Uninsured Motorist Claim 

If the police cannot identify and locate the driver, the people involved in the crash could pursue recovery of their losses by filing an uninsured motorist claim with their insurance company. A dedicated legal team could represent the injured individual to ensure compliance with proper procedural requirements. A Katy attorney with experience handling hit-and-run accident cases could help someone determine what avenue offers the best chance at recovering fair compensation. 

Contact a Katy Attorney After a Hit-and-Run Car Crash

Hit-and-run car accidents in Katy can be traumatic. As you recover from your physical and emotional injuries, you could benefit from the guidance of an experienced legal team. 

Contact a seasoned lawyer today for insight into your legal rights. The legal team at KGS Law Group could exhaust all available options for securing financial restitution.