Front-end car accidents can happen on a highway, residential street, or even when a car is parked. Regardless of their exact location, these collisions can result in severe harm to motorists who were otherwise abiding by the rules of the road. 

When you or a loved one has been injured in a front-end car accident in Katy, a strategic lawyer could alleviate your financial burdens by helping you pursue compensation through a civil claim. Meet with the auto accident attorneys at KGS Law Group about your legal options. 

Common Injuries in Front-End Vehicle Collisions

Of every type of accident, front-end car crashes are most likely to result in catastrophic injuries. These injuries may leave injured motorists and passengers in the hospital for extended periods, and some people may never fully recover. In many cases, life for the injured person will never be the same. Some common injuries drivers and passengers might sustain in front-end car accidents are:

A Katy auto-accident recovery attorney could relieve some stress of those seeking relief by utilizing their meticulous legal skills to get fair monetary compensation. 

What Are Damages in Personal Injury Claims?

Damages refer to financial payments an injured person may be able to collect through a civil claim. When someone injured in a car collision can prove another person was 50% or more responsible for causing the accident, they may be able to recover a range of damages to cover their needs and losses. These damages may be collected through productive settlement negotiations with insurance companies or a successful lawsuit. 

Potential recoverable damages may include the costs of medical bills and personal debts resulting from the accident, including lost wages. Damages may also cover continued pain and suffering and lost quality of life resulting from a disabling injury. A Katy lawyer could provide an overview of the damage determination process and offer more insight into what compensation may be available in a specific front-end accident case. 

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Texas Transportation Code § 601.001 protects an injured person’s right to file a lawsuit based on bodily injuries. The act also requires motorists to have an insurance policy with specific minimums for bodily injury, death, and property damage. For one accident in which one person is injured or dies, the responsible driver must have liability coverage of at least $30,000. The property damage coverage for a single collision is a minimum of $25,000.

While the law sets out these requirements for motor vehicle safety, not all motorists drive with the requisite insurance. Even with insurance, most companies try to do whatever they can to compensate injured people the least amount possible for an accident. 

Injured persons and families could be left with compounding medical and other debts if they cannot enforce their legal right to compensation due to perplexities of law and insurance negotiations. A Katy head-on collision attorney could assist with exercising someone’s legal right to receive compensation for their injuries.

Meet With a Katy Front-End Car Accident Attorney

Front-end car accidents in Katy can have unexpected consequences. While recovering from your physical injuries, you may also be overwhelmed by financial stress. You do not have to navigate these challenges alone. If someone else’s reckless actions contributed to the crash, you may be able to recover compensation for all your past and present needs. Call KGS Law Group to learn more.