Bicyclists face many dangers while riding on local roads, including reckless motor vehicle drivers. According to state law, motorists must exercise the same duty of care to protect bike riders as they would any other driver. Sadly, bike crashes often result in severe physical injuries and emotional damage. In some cases, injured cyclists might face expensive medical bills and lost income due to a collision with a car.

Thankfully, if you were hurt by a negligent driver, a Katy bicycle accident lawyer could assist you with pursuing the financial compensation you need to cover any losses you suffered. A skilled personal injury attorney could gather evidence and build a strong claim to ensure a favorable case outcome.

Do Motor Vehicle Drivers Owe a Duty of Protection to Bike Riders?

All motorists in Katy owe a duty to protect other drivers on the road from harm. A demand for compensation following a bike accident implies that a driver failed to provide this protection.

A seasoned lawyer in Katy could help prove that another driver violated a duty of care and was at fault for a collision. A legal representative could gather valuable information, including police reports, expert opinions, witness statements, and dashcam surveillance, demonstrating another party was responsible for an accident and subsequent injuries.

When Can a Bike Accident Victim File a Claim for Damages in Katy?

Proving that a driver was responsible for a crash is only one part of an effective claim for compensation. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, an accident victim must file a civil lawsuit within two years from the date of the incident.

Because of this, it is vital to contact a legal representative immediately after an accident. Thankfully, a lawyer in Katy could promptly file a bike collision lawsuit to strengthen a claimant’s chances of recovery.

Recoverable Damages After a Cycling Collision

A bike crash often results in severe physical injuries that require extensive medical care, including surgery and rehabilitation. Demand packages submitted to insurance companies must seek out payments to cover treatment costs.

In addition, a wreck may also result in lost wages due to the inability to return to work. A knowledgeable lawyer in Katy could identify a bike wreck’s impact on a person’s life and demand appropriate compensation to help them pay for their injury-related expenses.

Let a Katy Bicycle Accident Attorney Protect Your Legal Rights

Bike accidents are traumatic events that have the potential to cause a person to suffer from debilitating injuries, emotional damage, and financial conflicts. Any motorist who drives recklessly should provide full compensation anyone affected by their careless actions. However, collecting these payments is only possible when you connect your losses to the incident and prove another party caused it.

A Katy bicycle accident lawyer could help you throughout the claims process. A legal team member could work to gather the evidence needed to prove liability and protect you against insurance companies. Speak with an attorney today to get started on your bike crash claim.