Few injuries are more life-changing than burns. Burns are extremely painful. They require extensive medical intervention and rehabilitation, often resulting in disfiguring scars. The medical treatment and rehabilitation costs are expensive and can put people into debt. If an injured person is unable to work while receiving treatment, that can also contribute to financial difficulties.

If another person’s carelessness or dangerous conduct caused you to suffer a burn, you deserve help. You need to work with a Katy burn injury lawyer who could offer you the legal support you need to get through this challenging time. Retain a catastrophic injury attorney to begin a claim.

Potentially Liable Parties After a Burn Accident

Burns could occur in many ways, such as from fires, scalding, radiation, chemicals, electricity, and explosions. Often, one or more party is to blame for a burn injury. Some of the potentially liable parties to a burn litigation case could be:

  • Negligent or reckless motorists who caused a collision
  • Residential landlords and property managers who failed to install smoke detectors or ensure their home’s wiring is up to date
  • Commercial property owners who allowed hazards, such as blocked fire exits, to occur on their properties
  • Daycare providers who allow a toddler access to a scalding liquid
  • Manufacturer of a faulty product
  • Employers, when workplace accidents cause burns
  • Arsonists who intentionally set fires

A seasoned attorney in Katy could investigate the burn to learn what happened and who is to blame. They could examine all evidence and speak with eyewitnesses to gather more information. If appropriate, a legal representative could work with reconstruction and industry experts to identify the cause.

Different Types of Burns

Burns can vary significantly in severity. Each category of burn carries different potential consequences.

First Degree Burns

These burns only affect the top skin layer. They usually heal without medical assistance within a week. Mild sunburns are an example of a first-degree burn.

Second Degree Burns

These burn injuries affect two skin layers. They are extremely painful. They often cause blisters that can open and are susceptible to infections. Second-degree burns require medical intervention and frequent bandage changing. They usually take more than a month to heal and can leave behind a scar.

Third Degree Burns

These types of burns extend through all skin layers. The burnt skin is often white or brown. Damage can spread under the skin layers to underlying nerves, organs, and tissues. The injured person might not feel pain or other sensation in the affected area. To treat third-degree burns, people usually need immediate and continued medical attention at a burn unit. Individuals can take several months to recover from these types of burns.

Some doctors also refer to fourth degree burns when the injury extends deep into the bones. Sadly, most people are unable to survive these types of burns. A compassionate attorney in Katy could help a burn victim’s family pursue justice in the unfortunate event of a loss of life.

Let a Katy Burn Injury Attorney Assist You

Burn injuries can worsen with time. You need to work with the best medical team to give yourself the best chance of resuming a productive life. Retaining a legal team that understands future complications are possible on your road to recovery is essential.

A skilled Katy burn injury lawyer understands the medical and legal obstacles you could face. They would work tirelessly to help you obtain enough compensation to make a difference in your future quality of life. Reach out now to learn more about filing a claim.