The human brain is a complicated organ that controls the rest of the body. When the brain does not function correctly, many things can go wrong. A problem with the brain could impact a person’s ability to make normal movements or complete a simple task. Unfortunately, people suffer preventable brain injuries every year. While some heal quickly, others cause severe complications, requiring extensive and costly medical treatments.

If someone else was responsible for causing your brain injury, they might be legally responsible for paying for your losses. A Katy traumatic brain injury lawyer could review the details of your head trauma to see if you should pursue a claim. A catastrophic injury attorney could take the lead while you focus on your recovery.

Brain Trauma Causes

Head injuries could happen anytime any external force harms a person’s brain. They could occur from direct trauma when a person’s head suffers a direct impact with an object or the ground. They could also happen when a person’s head suffers no direct impact, such as a person’s brain jostling back and forth in their head and bumping the walls of their skull due to extreme force. Some of the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries are the following:

  • Automobile wrecks
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Defective products
  • Construction or other workplace accidents
  • Violent acts, such as gunshots, stabbings, and other physical assaults
  • Sporting accidents, such as hits to the head in a soccer game
  • Recreation accidents, such as falls from a diving board

A dedicated attorney in Katy could investigate a brain injury to learn how it happened. For instance, if an injury followed a car crash, our legal team could comb through the evidence at the wreck scene to determine who caused the collision. If an injury occurred because of a fall inside a store, a dedicated legal representative could check to see if the floor was wet, slippery, uneven, or cluttered with debris. Legal counsel would work tirelessly to determine cause and liability.

Potential Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury

People who suffer head trauma could experience various effects based on the severity of their injury.

Mild Brain Injuries

When an injury is mild, people often experience unconsciousness for a short time, temporary confusion, sensitivity to bright lights and loud sounds, or dizziness. With proper rest and time, mild brain trauma typically heals with no lingering pain or symptoms.

Moderate Brain Injuries

People with moderate head injuries suffer more severe symptoms. They might be unconscious or confused for more extended periods. They might have problems remembering things and concentrating on tasks. These types of injuries generally require extensive medical intervention.

Severe Brain Injuries

These types of brain trauma cause comas and severely altered mental statuses. Affected people may have amnesia. They often experience problems with concentration, attention, speaking, and understanding others. Many injured people require continued nursing care throughout the remainder of their lives.

Experienced lawyers in Katy understand the different complications brain injuries can cause. They could work tirelessly to get a family the relief they deserve.

Reach Out to a Katy Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Litigation involving brain trauma is often complicated. It can be challenging to prove what caused an injury and the extent of losses. A seasoned Katy traumatic brain injury lawyer understands how to calculate the effects a brain injury could have on your life.

Practiced legal representatives know how to stand up to aggressive defense attorneys and insurance companies. They could represent your rights and advocate for your interests. Reach out today to discuss securing the compensation you need to pay for your medical care and rebuild your life.