Paralysis is life-altering. Depending on your circumstances, you might need to give up your career or get help to care for your home or family.

If the incident that caused your paralysis resulted from another party’s careless or reckless conduct, you could be entitled to compensation. A skilled catastrophic attorney could investigate your accident, identify responsible parties, and help you obtain the settlement you are entitled to receive. To speak with a Katy paralysis injury lawyer about your case, call today.

Identifying Negligent Parties After an Accident

Sometimes paralysis results from a birth injury caused by a provider’s negligence. In that case, the injured person or the parents of the injured child could bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against the healthcare personnel and facilities involved in their treatment.

In many cases, paralysis results from an accident such as a vehicle wreck, sports mishap, workplace injury, or explosion. A paralysis attorney in Katy could investigate the incident to determine who might have contributed to it. Depending on the circumstances, the potentially responsible parties might include:

  • Motorists and, in some cases, their employers
  • Manufacturers of defective products
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Property owners
  • Owners and operators of recreational facilities
  • Local governments or government agencies

This is only a partial list; any party whose conduct contributed to an incident that led to paralysis could be liable.

Damages in Paralysis Injury Cases

Someone who causes someone else a paralytic injury through their negligence or misconduct is liable for the injured person’s damages. Of course, money cannot turn back the clock and prevent the accident, but it can make the aftermath of a severe accident more bearable.

Damages typically cover all expenses related to medical treatment for the injury, including care for secondary conditions that develop due to paralysis. Damages could reimburse lost income and diminished earning capacity. With the help of a Katy paralysis attorney, an injured person could seek damages for their physical and emotional suffering. They also could seek damages for disability, disfigurement, embarrassment, lost enjoyment of life, and offer effects of paralysis that degrade their quality of life.

Do Not Wait to Take Legal Action

Statutes of limitations are laws defining how long a person has to bring a lawsuit. If someone tries to file a lawsuit after the statutory deadline, a court will refuse to hear it, and the individual loses their right to sue.

The statute of limitations in Texas requires an injured person to file a lawsuit within two years of their injury. The law contains exceptions, and some situations might “toll” the statute of limitations, meaning the clock will stop running, so in certain cases, it might be possible to bring a lawsuit more than two years after the injury. A Katy paralysis injury attorney could explain whether an exception might apply.

Statute of Limitations for Minors

When a minor has a personal injury claim from an accident, they have until two years after their 18th birthday to file a lawsuit. Alternatively, the parents could bring a claim on their child’s behalf within two years of the incident. However, if the paralysis stems from a birth injury, the medical malpractice statute of repose applies. This law requires anyone asserting medical error to file a lawsuit within ten years of the injury date. The parents of a child who develops paralysis due to a birth injury must file a lawsuit before the child turns ten.

Work With an Experienced Katy Paralysis Injury Attorney

If you are coping with a paralytic injury you sustained through an accident or medical error, the parties responsible for your injury owe you compensation. Money cannot undo a person’s carelessness, but it could ease your adjustment and relieve financial anxiety.

A Katy paralysis injury lawyer understands the challenges you face and strives to make your situation a bit easier to bear. Reach out to discuss your situation with a dedicated legal professional today.