Premises liability cases involve situations where you are hurt on someone else’s property. This usually applies when you are an invitee in a store, restaurant, or other shop. As an invitee, the owner of the premises owes you a duty to make its property safe from unreasonably dangerous conditions.

If you are injured due to falling at a store or from any other injury while shopping or eating out, give us a call. We are experienced attorneys who can consult you on your case. We have won numerous cases in which our clients fell or were injured due to the negligence of someone else. Texas caselaw does not make it easy for claimants to win these types of case. With an experienced attorney by your side, you have the best shot at winning.

Many people are injured when there is a substance on the floor that should have been cleaned up and was not. If the premises owner knew or should have known of the dangerous condition on the floor, and you were injured as a result, you deserve to be compensated. We will help you get the treatment you need and seek fair compensation for you. You may be able to make a claim for lost wages, physical impairment, pain and suffering, mental anguish and have your medical bills paid.