Sadly, workplace accidents can have long-term physical and emotional consequences. These accidents can occur in a matter of seconds or develop over time. However, regardless of the cause or timing of an incident, the effects of a workplace injury can be devastating.

If a workplace accident has impacted your health, you might be entitled to compensation. Under the right circumstances, a dedicated personal injury attorney could help you pursue a civil lawsuit. Call today to discuss your options with a Katy workplace accident lawyer.

Can a Lawsuit be Filed After a Workplace Accident?

Like all states, Texas has adopted a “no-fault” workers’ compensation system. This system provides benefits no matter who was at fault for a work-related incident. However, those benefits are typically less than what a civil lawsuit would recover. Fortunately, a hardworking attorney could help file a personal injury case after an injury on the job.

Workers’ compensation laws only prevent a worker from suing their employer when that employer pays into the system. Employers not covered by workers’ comp insurance could be sued for a work-related accident. However, most employers purchase coverage.

There are circumstances where workers’ compensation laws will not impact an injured employee’s ability to pursue legal action. For example, a worker could file a lawsuit against a third party if their negligence caused an injury at work. These third parties might include vendors, visitors, or even passers-by. An attorney in Katy could explain the requirements for filing a lawsuit for a work-related incident during a consultation.

Compensation For a Work-Related Injury

When an injured worker successfully pursues a personal injury lawsuit, a significant financial award could be available to them. It is important to remember that these damages cover many of the losses that are not included in a workers’ compensation claim, including:

Lost Wages

Getting hurt at work often means being forced to miss time on the job while recovering. This can be frustrating, especially for anyone who goes unpaid during their time off. Thankfully, these lawsuits could result in financial compensation for any missed wages that result from workplace injuries.

Medical Bills

Expensive medical care can overwhelm an injured employee after an accident at work. These costs can stem from various treatments like surgical procedures, ambulance transportation, or rehabilitative care. It might be possible to recover the cost of this treatment by pursuing an injury lawsuit.

Pain and Suffering

Physical pain is a common occurrence following serious workplace accidents. From muscle strains to broken bones, these injuries can remain painful for weeks, months, or longer. A monetary award could be available for the pain that results from a workplace injury.

Diminished Future Earnings

In some cases, a person might not fully recover from their injuries. For example, even if a hurt employee returns to work, they might not be capable of performing the duties they once accomplished before the accident. If this leads to a reduction in future wages, a civil suit could make up the difference. A skilled lawyer in Katy could explain these types of damages in further detail during a private consultation.

Call a Workplace Accident Attorney in Katy Today

If your workplace injury caused you severe pain, the inability to work, and a mountain of medical debt, now is the time to seek legal counsel. The right attorney could recover compensation for these hardships. Contact a Katy workplace accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options.