Property owners have an obligation to ensure that people are safe while visiting their premises. If you slipped, tripped, or fell on a person’s property due to their negligent actions, you could file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your medical expenses, diminished income, and other losses.

The law that governs liability for a visitor’s injuries can be complicated because a landowner’s obligation depends on a person’s reason for visiting the space. However, a Katy slip and fall lawyer could review the circumstances of an accident and determine whether a property owner should have protected you. Reach out to our seasoned injury attorneys today to get started.

Common Hazards That Cause Falls

Business owners must maintain a safe environment for visitors and prevent tripping hazards or other conditions that might cause a fall. They must regularly inspect and repair any hazard they find and warn customers about known any dangers.

Despite these obligations, businesses and other premises open to the public often contain hazardous conditions that could lead to falls, including:

  • Wet floors
  • Damaged or slippery steps
  • Loose or absent handrails in stairways
  • Unexpected changes in elevation
  • Damaged or loose floorboards, carpeting, or tile
  • Debris in an aisle or passageway
  • Electrical cords or other hazards in an area where people pass or congregate

Social guests are also vulnerable to trips and falls. For example, a homeowner must inform a social guest of hazards that the guest cannot see. A skilled attorney in Katy could review the details of an accident to determine whether a property owner had a legal obligation to warn a guest about a hazard that caused a slip and fall.

Financial Recovery in Katy Slip and Fall Cases

If a property owner’s negligence caused someone to fall or slip, this plaintiff can usually seek compensation for their injuries and other setbacks. This compensation is called damages, and it reimburses a plaintiff for their medical costs and other expenses related to an injury. If a claimant could not work while recovering from a slip or fall, damages may also pay for their lost income.

If an injury prevents a plaintiff from resuming their prior employment, damages might also compensate them for their diminished future earning capacity, in addition to the cost of medical treatment.

In some cases, a trip and fall plaintiff could recover damages to cover subjective losses like pain, humiliation, inconvenience, disability, mental anguish, disfigurement, and the injury’s other intangible impacts. An attorney in Katy could prove these subjective losses by presenting medical records and witness statements that explain how the slip and fall affected the injured person’s quality of life.

Limitations for Filing a Slip and Fall Claim

Each state limits the time for an individual to bring a lawsuit seeking damages. Most local adults have two years from the date of their slip or fall to file their claim.

However, if the state or a local government owned the property where the fall occurred, an injured person has less time to act. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §101.021, anyone submitting a lawsuit against the state must file a notice of claim with the appropriate state office no more than 180 days after tripping and falling. However, an individual filing a claim against the county or city might have only 90 days to act.

An experienced accident lawyer could ensure that any governments who might be liable for a fall in Katy receive the appropriate notice.

Call a Katy Slip and Fall Attorney Today to Get Started

Slipping, falling, and getting hurt while away from home can be devastating. A person without specific legal expertise could be confused about a property owner’s obligations after an accident.

A seasoned Katy slip and fall lawyer knows the law and understands how to win an appropriate settlement for your setbacks. Call today to get a capable legal representative working for you.