Large commercial vehicles, including semis and tractor trailers, are common on highways around the state. Although trucks are necessary to move goods and keep the economy stable, large vehicles often cause severe damage when they collide with smaller cars.

If you suffered injuries in a truck wreck, it is likely that someone’s carelessness contributed to the incident. State law makes negligent parties liable to anyone they injure. A Katy truck accident lawyer could identify the reckless individuals involved in your wreck and hold them accountable for the harm they caused. Our skilled injury attorneys are ready to protect your rights.

What Makes Trucks Prone to Serious Accidents?

Tractor-trailers can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. In contrast, other cars weigh less than 5000 pounds. Because of their size, trucks are unwieldy and slow to respond. Common collisions caused by truckers include:

  • Blindspot accidents that occur when a truck collides into a vehicle traveling behind or beside it
  • Jackknifes, which happen when a truck’s trailer moves at an angle and collides with vehicles in adjacent lanes
  • Rollover accidents where a truck tips onto its side
  • Underride accidents, which refer to when a smaller vehicle slides under a trailer or cab

Federal law views trucks as commercial carriers, which means drivers must adhere to strict safety standards and operate their vehicles carefully. A knowledgeable attorney in Katy could investigate a tractor-trailer crash to identify if a trucker or big rig company’s negligence contributed.

Valuable Evidence in Truck Accident Cases

Truck accidents are often complicated cases to pursue. The cause of a collision could be a combination of factors that might include truck driver error, mechanical failure, improper loading of cargo, or poor road conditions.

Fortunately, evidence is often available after a semi accident. In addition to a police reports and witness statements, trucks are usually equipped with black boxes containing useful performance data. Newer trucks also have in-cab cameras as well as video surveillance behind and on the sides of trailers. Subpoenaing this evidence could be useful in a trucking accident claim.

Trucking companies often send their investigators to a crash site immediately. These people will try to determine how an accident happened and look for evidence that places another driver at fault. A skilled lawyer in Katy could investigate an accident shortly after it happens, counter these tactics, and build a strong case against a trucker or their employer.

Truck Accident Claims and the Statute of Limitations

Although Texas Civil Practice Law and Rules §16.003 allows an injured person to file a lawsuit for up to two years after an accident, it is advisable to get legal help as soon as possible.

A commercial vehicle company’s insurers are likely to approach an injured person or their family soon after an accident and offer a quick settlement in return for a written agreement not to sue them. However, these offers rarely provide appropriate compensation, especially if the extent of a person’s injuries is not clear for several months.

A semi-truck collision attorney in Katy could protect an injured person and their family from predatory insurance companies who attempt to take advantage of the situation. A legal team member could handle communication with responsible parties and ensure that a settlement amount is fair based on a claimant’s injuries.

Reach out to a Katy Truck Accident Attorney Today to Learn More

Recovering from severe injuries sustained in a truck accident could take months. In some cases, a person may not fully heal. The parties whose negligent conduct led to an accident should pay for the harm they caused.

A Katy truck accident lawyer could offer compassionate support and vigorous legal representation. Reach out today to bring a seasoned attorney onto your team.