Truck drivers have a duty to drive reasonably and exercise caution on the road. As part of that duty of care, truckers need to stay alert so that they can follow the road and respond appropriately to emergency situations. If a trucker feels overly tired, they should pull over and take a break before resuming their drive. Unfortunately, many truckers succumb to the pressure to complete their trip as fast possible and we frequently see fatigued truck drivers involved in Katy accidents.

If you or your loved one experienced harm in a crash with a drowsy trucker, you might be eligible to sue for damages. A skilled truck accident attorney could help you determine who is liable for your losses and help you file a personal injury suit.

Dangers Posed By Tired Truck Drivers

It goes without saying that dangerous accidents occur when truck drivers fall asleep behind the wheel. However, crashes also happen when truckers are drowsy, even if they do not fall completely asleep. Tired drivers might spend time trying to fight the urge to sleep instead of focusing on their driving duties. As they push themselves to stay awake, they reduce their ability to safely operate their vehicles.

A fatigued truck driver might not observe changes in traffic patterns, such as a light turning red or someone entering an intersection. Fatigue can have similar effects on a driver as drugs or alcohol. Tired drivers might drift or weave in and out of their lanes. They might also suddenly accelerate or decelerate.

Knowledgeable Katy attorneys understand how traumatic trucking crashes can be. A Katy lawyer could work closely with an injured accident survivor and their family to pursue a damages award that adequately compensates them for what they have endured because of a fatigued truck driver.

Why Truckers Are Susceptible to Fatigue

While everyone who drives occasionally feels tired behind the wheel, people who operate trucks can be particularly prone to exhaustion. As part of their jobs, truckers drive for long, solitary hours. Their routes often take them on monotonous highways, which can add to the boredom and monotony. Truckers typically drive by themselves, so they have nobody to talk to who could help them pass the time. Truckers also frequently drive overnight while most people are sleeping, which can cause truckers to struggle to stay awake as they drive in the pitch-black.

The federal government understands that truck driver fatigue is a serious problem and has enacted several regulations to combat it. For instance, there are limits on how many consecutive hours a truck driver can before taking mandatory rest breaks. Unfortunately, some drivers feel pressured by their employers to reach their destinations. They intentionally violate the mandatory driving restrictions by pushing themselves to continue driving even when they know they should stop.

A dedicated legal team could review a truck driver’s employee handbook, speak with other employees, and investigate the employer’s actions to see if they encouraged their driver to violate federal guidelines. If a trucking company in Katy forced their drivers to operate their trucks for too many hours, they could be liable for any injuries resulting from an accident caused by a truck driver’s fatigue.

Contact a Katy Attorney About Accidents Caused By Fatigued Truck Drivers

Fatigued truck drivers in Katy accidents have the potential to cause devastating harm. While drowsy drivers have no intention of hurting anyone, they make the choice of continuing to drive even when they know they are overly tired. A diligent legal team could help you pursue accountability from the drowsy driver and their employer.

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