Any time a crash occurs between a large commercial truck and a small car, there are devastating consequences. Smaller vehicles cannot withstand the impact of massive trucks, and the people inside a struck vehicle often sustain life-altering and even life-threatening injuries. Jackknife truck accidents in Katy are particularly dangerous types of accidents because they can cause widespread destruction to multiple vehicles.

If an out-of-control tractor-trailer hurt you or your family member, you deserve justice. A dedicated truck accident attorney could meet with you to discuss whether you have viable grounds to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

What Is Jackknifing?

A jackknife collision is a type of accident in which the trailer part of a truck swings to one side. People call it a jackknife collision because the V-like appearance the tractor-trailer makes resembles a folded pocketknife. These accidents typically occur when the cab portion of a truck skids to a stop, but the trailer part does not slow down, compelling the trailer to swing around the side of the cab. A jackknife accident can cause a truck’s trailer to spin horizontally and block multiple lanes of traffic. The force of these accidents can cause the truck’s heavy-weight trailer to push cars in other lanes into the paths of other cars, often causing multicar pileups.

Compassionate Katy lawyers understand how traumatic and damaging jackknife truck collisions can be, and could work tirelessly to help crash survivors get the money they need to rebuild their lives.

Common Causes of Katy Jackknife Trucking Wrecks

Jackknife crashes can occur for a wide variety of reasons.

Driver Inexperience

Driving a large commercial vehicle is not the same as driving a passenger sedan. Truck drivers need to receive proper training on how to handle a tractor-trailer correctly before taking it onto the roads by themselves. An important part of training is understanding that sudden braking can lead to a jackknife accident.

Mechanical Problems

Mechanical defects can also cause a truck to jackknife. For instance, the brakes could malfunction, or the tires could blow out. A seasoned attorney could determine whether the mechanical failure was due to an inherent manufacturing defect, in which case the vehicle’s manufacturer could be liable. A lawyer could also see if the truck received regular inspections and maintenance. If the trucking company failed to schedule routine maintenance or the mechanic in charge of repairs failed to make necessary repairs, these parties could bear legal responsibility.


When truck drivers go too fast, they risk losing traction on slippery roads. Because large trucks require extra stopping distance, speeding leads to jackknife crashes when drivers try to make sudden stops, which could cause the trailer to swing out of control.

Imbalanced Cargo

If a truck’s cargo is not properly loaded and balanced, it could make the vehicle unstable. The loading company that puts the cargo on the truck could be civilly liable for any injuries resulting from an improperly loaded truck accident.

Weather Conditions

Slippery roads can make it difficult to maintain control over a big tractor-trailer. Truck drivers and their employers should heed weather warnings before allowing their vehicles on the road.

A diligent lawyer in Katy could determine the cause of a jackknife truck crash and identify who bears responsibility.

Speak With a Katy Attorney After a Jackknife Trucking Crash

Not many people are able to walk away from jackknife truck accidents in Katy without injuries. These types of accidents frequently cause large-scale destruction that can involve multiple vehicles and many people. If you experienced injuries in a jackknife collision, you should seek legal assistance.

Speak with a local attorney who is not afraid to stand up to trucking companies and their insurers. Let our team fight on your behalf for a fair outcome.