Side-impact truck accidents in Katy almost always cause severe injuries. When large commercial trucks strike small passenger cars on the side, the size differential can lead to catastrophic consequences for the car. People involved in collisions with trucks frequently experience life-altering physical injuries, as well as debilitating emotional pain. Crash survivors may also experience serious financial troubles due to their immense medical bills as well as the fact that their vehicles are often damaged beyond repair.

If you or a loved one is reeling from the after-effects of a truck crash, a knowledgeable accident attorney could help you find a way to get back on your feet.

Why T-Bone Crashes Are So Severe

When passenger cars are struck on their sides, the people inside have no protection from the impact. In rear-end and front-end crashes, people have the benefit of the car’s bumpers and trunk, as well as airbags to shield them. Unfortunately, most cars do not offer sufficient protection along the vehicle’s sides, particularly when the vehicle that strikes them is a large truck. A compassionate attorney in Katy could help survivors and family members seek justice for their losses after a side-impact truck wreck.

Who Is Liable for a Side-Impact Truck Collision?

When two passenger cars get into an accident, typically one driver is at fault. The at-fault party’s insurance company may have to pay the other driver a reasonable sum for their injuries and losses. However, when a truck hits a passenger vehicle, more than one party can be legally responsible for providing this compensation.

Truck Driver

Many accidents occur because of truck driver negligence or recklessness. Truckers drive for many hours at a time, which can cause them to become fatigued. Tired drivers can lose focus and even drift off behind the wheel. Truckers might also turn to drinking or drugs to help them stay awake.

Many truck crashes happen because truckers are distracted. Checking a text or looking down at a GPS for directions can mean a trucker does not notice a traffic light changing or another driver merging into their lane. Some truckers get into accidents because they enter their data into their computer while driving to try and save time.

To prove that a truck driver was distracted at the time of a T-bone crash, a skilled Katy attorney could obtain copies of the trucker’s cell phone records and speak with witnesses to see if they observed the driver looking down. A lawyer could also examine the driver’s log books to see how many hours and miles they drove. If there is reasonable suspicion a trucker was drunk behind the wheel, an attorney could obtain a copy of their blood alcohol level test.

Trucking Company

The trucking company might be indirectly liable for their employee’s mistakes, but they can also be directly responsible for an accident by acting unethically. A trucking company might have set unrealistic time schedules for their employees. They could also be liable for providing substandard equipment to their drivers or not regularly inspecting their vehicles.

Loading Company

If the company that loaded the cargo onto the truck caused the truck to become imbalanced, the truck could become hard to handle.


If a mechanic failed to notice a problem or performed shoddy repair work, they could be liable for a crash.


If the manufacturer of the truck or its parts produced an inherently defective product, they could be legally responsible for the crash.

Road Crew

The government authority in charge of clearing and maintaining the roads could be liable for an accident caused by poor road conditions.

A diligent lawyer could investigate what caused a truck to crash into the side of another vehicle and pursue compensation from all responsible parties.

Speak to a Katy Attorney After a Side-Impact Truck Crash

Side-impact truck accidents in Katy are often catastrophic. A dedicated legal team understands how traumatic these types of accidents can be and could work tirelessly to hold the at-fault parties accountable. Call KGS Law Group today to arrange a meeting and discuss your claim.