Semi-trucks are considerably larger and heavier than almost every other vehicle on Katy’s roads. When tractor-trailers exceed their weight limits, they become even harder to control. Unbalanced cargo can cause a big rig to crash into a smaller passenger vehicle, causing life-altering harm to the smaller vehicle’s occupants.

Overloaded/overweight truck accidents in Katy can result in devastating injuries and fatalities. If a collision with an unbalanced truck harms you or your loved one, you should consult with a diligent truck accident attorney about your rights and legal options.

The Federal Government Regulates the Weight of Commercial Trucks

Trucks that travel on interstate highways must abide by strict weight regulations. The number of axles on a truck determines the maximum allowable weight. In Texas, if a truck has one axle, the maximum allowable weight is 20,000 pounds. Trucks with two axles can weigh up to 34,000 pounds. The maximum overall gross weight of a commercial truck, regardless of how many axles it has, is 80,000 pounds.

The Department of Transportation requires all commercial trucks to stop at weigh stations on highways to check their weight. If a truck exceeds the state or federal weight standards, the driver needs to stop driving. The driver and trucking company could also face fines and citations.

A seasoned Katy accident lawyer could perform an investigation to determine if a truck exceeded the permitted weight standards. If the truck driver and trucking company received citations for violating the weight standards, the citation could be valuable evidence that proves the driver and their employer were negligent.

Why an Overloaded Truck Poses an Increased Risk in Katy

Due to their massive size, commercial trucks are not easy to handle. They have a wide turning radius and take considerably longer to stop than most other vehicles on the road. These types of challenges become exacerbated when a truck’s cargo is overloaded or unbalanced. If the truck’s cargo is not properly loaded or secured, the vehicle can pose an even greater risk to everyone else on the roads.

Big rigs are hard to operate. Proper operation requires training, skill, and dedication. Drivers and their employers must do everything possible to ensure their trucks are as safe as possible. When truckers or trucking companies overload their vehicles, they raise the risk of serious problems occurring. Heavier trucks take even longer to come to a quick and safe stop. If a truck driver tries to come to a sudden stop in an overloaded truck, they could cause their vehicle to jackknife, forcing the cargo area of the truck to swing out to the side, possibly into the path of other vehicles in other lanes.

Experienced attorneys understand how traumatic trucking crashes can be. Our accident lawyers in Katy could work closely with injured survivors to recover a fair and reasonable settlement from the person or people responsible for overloading the truck.

Work With a Katy Attorney After an Overloaded/Overweight Trucking Crash

Overloaded/overweight truck accidents in Katy can upend people’s lives. In addition to fighting to recover from physical injuries, many survivors face unrelenting emotional pain. They need to learn how to come to terms with their altered physical state and may struggle with getting back into a vehicle.

A trusted local attorney could help you fight for what you need and deserve to move forward. Call KGS Law Group to schedule your consultation now.