The consequences of a highway car accident in Houston can be devastating. From extensive property damage to severe bodily injuries, everyone involved in these collisions could face lifelong challenges.

When these incidents occur due to an act of negligence, a civil lawsuit may be appropriate. Making the case for negligence is not always easy, especially when you are handling your claim on your own. A seasoned car accident attorney could help you get the compensation you deserve.

Highway Accidents Are Dangerous

There is no doubt that any collision between motor vehicles has the potential to cause serious harm. That said, car crashes on Houston roadways are especially dangerous for all parties involved, partly due to the high speed limits.

When vehicles collide at high speeds, the impact is devastating. Drivers traveling at these rates are also more likely to flip and roll over if they lose control. This can cause a car to strike multiple other vehicles or even nearby pedestrians.

Negligence is often to blame for this type of crash. When a driver carelessly or negligently causes a collision, they could be financially liable for all the harm they cause.

Types of Accidents

Not every vehicle collision on the interstate in Houston is the same. The nature of these collisions can vary depending on the number of cars involved and the speed at which they were traveling.

Rear-end Collisions

Rear-end collisions can occur when one driver fails to slow down or otherwise avoid changing road conditions in front of them. This is most likely to occur when the lead car suddenly slows down.

Head-on Crashes

Arguably the most devastating incident that can occur on a highway is a head-on crash. When a driver veers into incoming traffic, the impact from the two cars striking each other often leads to fatal injuries.


Rollovers are also accidents in which serious injuries can occur. Drivers who lose control of their cars while traveling at high speeds often turn sideways and roll over. This can lead to severe damage due to the lack of protection from the car roof.

Recovering Financial Compensation

The ultimate point of hiring legal counsel following an interstate car accident in Houston is to secure a fair monetary award. This financial compensation can come in the form of several types of damages, each of which falls into one of two categories.

Some claims are made up of economic losses. These damages are objective, as they cover a person’s out-of-pocket expenses related to their damaged vehicle or medical care, like lost wages and medical costs.

An injured person may also recover non-economic damages. These losses are subjective in nature. While they cannot be measured objectively, an attorney could make a strong case for the value of these claims. Some examples of non-economic losses include emotional distress, pain and suffering, and the loss of consortium.

Talk to an Attorney in Houston Following a Highway Car Crash

When you are hurt in a highway car accident in Houston, it is worth considering your legal options. You might be entitled to a monetary award if you can show the at-fault party was negligent.

The right attorney could help you develop evidence that supports a claim of negligence. Call us today to schedule a private consultation and get started on recovering your deserved compensation.