Front-impact car crashes happen when two vehicles heading in opposite directions strike one another head-on. These accidents are less common than others but are often among the most catastrophic, leaving motorists and passengers with life-threatening and fatal injuries.

These collisions usually involve high speeds and driver negligence and can have devastating consequences for everyone involved. Schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable attorney to learn more about legal options after front-end car accidents in Houston.

Proving Negligence After a Head-On Car Wreck

Severe front-end car crashes often happen after one of the drivers swerves and crosses the line into the other lane, striking an oncoming car. They also occur when drivers run red lights and stop signs or go the wrong way on highways. Collisions with a driver entering an interstate or freeway and traveling in the wrong direction are among the most deadly. A person’s case must establish the elements of negligence to prove fault in car wreck cases:

Legal Duty of Care

All motorists must drive safely and be cautious while traveling. They owe a legal duty of care to other drivers around them to prevent avoidable accidents and causing them harm.

Breach of Legal Obligation

When drivers fail to adhere to traffic regulations and cause accidents, they breach their legal obligation. For example, proving a driver was texting and crossed the middle line striking another car head-on would establish a breach of duty.


The carelessness must also be the cause of the collision. An example is an intoxicated driver hitting another head-on after the other runs a red light. The person failing to follow traffic laws and stop at the light cannot collect damages from the person under the influence because that was not the cause of the crash.


Finally, there must be verifiable damages to recover compensation in a civil lawsuit successfully. The case must include evidence, including hospital bills, witness and expert statements, and medical records. A lawyer skilled with front-end car wrecks in Houston could review the specifics to see if the necessary components of negligence exist and help collect the evidence to prove fault.

State Modified Comparative Negligence Law

The defendant and their insurance provider may argue the plaintiff or other drivers share responsibility for car accidents to minimize the payout. Civil laws follow the modified comparative negligence law in cases with shared liability. The instruction of Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 33.001 rules the plaintiff can recover damages from the defendant for their portion of fault as long as they are less than 50 percent responsible for the damages.

When the civil court determines the claimant shares 20 percent of the responsibility for the collision, they can recover 80 percent of the total cost of damages from the at-fault party. While the modified comparative negligence law helps the plaintiff by letting them collect a settlement even when partly responsible, keeping their portion of liability at a minimum is crucial. A lawyer in Houston could help build a solid claim to establish the full extent of the defendant’s liability after a front-end car crash.

Meet With an Attorney Experienced With Front-End Car Accidents in Houston

A head-on vehicle collision can have severe and lasting consequences on your life and future. The combined force from the impact of the two cars heading in opposite directions makes them among the most brutal, often leading to life-altering injuries and permanent disabilities or death.

You could be eligible for a settlement to cover losses when you were in an accident at no fault of your own. A hard-working lawyer could guide you through the claims process and help collect the total settlement amount you need and deserve after front-end car accidents in Houston. Call the office today to begin your suit.