The drivers of rental cars make the same mistakes as everyone else when they are behind the wheel. A momentary lapse in judgment can lead to an avoidable crash. These accidents have the potential to cause significant property damage and life-changing injuries.

When you are hurt in a crash caused by the driver of a rental, you might be entitled to compensation. This process can be more complex than a standard personal injury case, but you don’t have to deal with it alone. One of our dedicated car accident attorneys could help you deal with rental car accidents in Houston.

Who Pays for a Rental Car Accident?

When a Houston driver crashes a rental vehicle, there could be multiple sources of compensation available. A rental agreement does not alter the way the law works when it comes to negligence, and the at-fault driver is ultimately responsible for the damage they cause. That said, rental companies generally cover their vehicles with liability policies above and beyond any coverage the driver has on their own. However, some drivers opt to carry additional insurance when they rent a car.

When these accidents happen, the rental company will typically file a claim on their liability policy. This can provide for damages to the injured driver, but usually only up to the state minimum required coverage. The operator of the rental car might also be personally liable for any remaining damages in accidents that lead to severe injuries and high medical bills.

Injuries in a Rental Accident

The same risk of injury applies to Houston rental car collisions as they do with any other motor vehicle. When collisions happen, the outcome is often catastrophic, potentially putting a person’s ability to live comfortably or earn a living in jeopardy. Some of the injuries common to these accidents include the following:

An attorney could evaluate these injuries and advise whether they might lead to a viable case for compensation.

Timelines for Filing a Lawsuit

A civil lawsuit is a possibility following a Houston rental vehicle accident, but there is limited time to pursue legal action. It is crucial to move forward with a claim right away to avoid violating the statute of limitations.

The statute—which is the deadline every personal injury plaintiff must abide by—generally expires two years from the date of a car crash. An injured person must file their lawsuit before this window expires to secure a monetary award.

If someone does not comply with the statute, there could be steep consequences. The judge hearing the case may be required to enter a dismissal with prejudice, which could permanently end a civil lawsuit regardless of how strong a claim is on the merits.

Talk to an Attorney in Houston About a Rental Car Crash

When you suffered an injury in a rental car accident in Houston, now is the time to seek out legal counsel. You could have a viable case for compensation, but having an attorney on your side could help you maximize your recovery. Reach out as soon as possible for a private consultation.