Fender benders occur when a driver slows down or stops, and the vehicle following them crashes into the back of them. They are the most common type of collision and often happen because the person is not paying attention and cannot stop in time to avoid the crash.

These car wrecks are usually minor, and both drivers walk away with little property damage or bodily harm. However, it can be severe when a vehicle strikes a car stopped in front of them at high speeds. Call a seasoned attorney for more information or help preparing a claim for compensation after rear-end car accidents in Houston.

Safety Tips to Avoid Rear-End Collisions on Roadways

While there is no way to avoid all car accidents, such as crashes caused by negligent drivers, there are safety tips to follow that help minimize the chances. Per the guidance of the Texas Department of Transportation DOT, motorists can help keep themselves safe on the roadways by using cautions and ensuring the following:

  • Driving without distractions
  • Adhering to the speed limits and reducing pace when weather conditions require more caution
  • Remaining courteous to other motorists and avoiding aggressive driving at all times
  • Checking for traffic coming from both ways when entering intersections
  • Using blinkers to alert other drivers of turns and lane changes
  • Adhering to traffic regulations, including giving the right-of-way and stopping at red lights and stop signs

A majority of severe crashes leading to permanent disabilities and death occur because of distracted or intoxicated driving. A knowledgeable attorney could gather and review evidence to determine the cause and responsible party of a rear-end collision.

The Statute of Limitations for Vehicle Collision Civil Actions

After a collision, the at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy will cover the bodily harm and property damage the other motorists sustain. However, when the policy has inadequate coverage or accidents occur because of a driver without insurance, a person can file a lawsuit in civil court. However, there is a deadline to meet, or they risk losing the opportunity to take action.

Under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, the petitioner must file the case within two years of the rear-end car wreck in Houston. However, a few exceptions allow the plaintiff to stop the clock for up to one year in some cases. An experienced lawyer could review the rules of the statute and handle the legal work on the plaintiff’s behalf.

Civil Court Settlement Amounts

The civil court does not award a standard amount of compensation for car crash cases. They will review how the losses will affect the person in the future. A settlement may cover medical care, lost pay and benefits, emotional anguish, and pain and suffering.

Schedule a Consultation With an Attorney Skilled in Houston Rear-End Car Accidents

Navigating the insurance and civil claims process can often feel overwhelming. That is especially true when there are problems with insufficient insurance or accidents with careless motorists with no coverage at all.

Call to schedule a consultation to review a rear-end car accident in Houston and strategize an action plan if you were in a crash at no fault of your own. A lawyer could take the legal work and communication off your hands so you can focus on recovering from your injuries and returning to normal.