Many people cannot put their smartphones down, even while driving. While there are other common driver distractions, cell phones are the leading cause of accidents and life-threatening and fatal injuries.

When a negligent driver causes a crash while sending or reading electronic communications, you could have the right to hold them legally responsible. A diligent injury attorney seasoned in texting while driving car accidents in Houston could review your options during a consultation and help hold careless motorists accountable for their actions.

Texting While Driving Leads to Severe Crashes

Texting while driving continues to be a significant cause of crashes nationwide and is responsible for as many fatal accidents as intoxicated driving. There are three primary forms of driver distractions, including manual, visual, and cognitive diversions.

Texting presents severe risks for drivers and other motorists because it requires all three. Using a cell phone to text while operating a vehicle is deadly and entirely avoidable.

Common Injuries in Texting While Driving Vehicle Collisions

While five seconds, the approximate time to send a text, may sound minimal, it is similar to a driver closing their eyes while traveling the distance of a football field. The crashes often have devastating consequences causing catastrophic injuries and property damage. Some of the common injuries include the following:

An attorney in Houston knowledgeable about texting while driving car crashes could help collect the evidence to prove the total losses and damages.

State Regulations for Cell Phone Use While Driving

State law prohibits texting while driving anywhere in the state, and many counties ban handheld devices altogether. Under the regulations of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 545.4251, the handheld communications laws are as follows:

  • The traffic safety regulations prohibit reading, typing, or sending text messages or other electronic messages while driving
  • When county laws allow for cell phone use for purposes besides texting, they prohibit using them for drivers with learner’s permits for the first six months
  • Never use a handheld device while driving in school zones
  • Traffic regulations prohibit new motorists under 18 years old from using cell phones for any purpose
  • School bus drivers must never use smartphones for any reason while transporting children

Texas drivers are responsible for understanding the different cities’ laws as they vary. A lawyer in Houston could investigate to determine if a driver failed to adhere to texting while driving legislation and caused a collision.

Speak With a Seasoned Attorney About Texting While Driving Car Accidents in Houston

When a driver was reading, typing, or sending a text message behind the wheel and caused you to sustain injuries, you have every right to expect them to cover the damages. As with driving under the influence, it is reckless and entirely avoidable. State and federal governments continue to warn motorists of the hazards to prevent catastrophic crashes from happening.

Dealing with insurance companies and the civil court may feel overwhelming, but you do not have to face this alone. A hard-working lawyer seasoned in texting while driving car accidents in Houston could fight aggressively for the justice you deserve. Call soon to begin an investigation and prepare your civil action immediately.